February 2017

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**If you are not comfortable with Hinglish, please read this blog in English here. Udaipur, the lake city! हम सब इस शहर को lakes, palaces, beauty, और ideal travel destination की तरह जानते हैं| गलत भी क्या है? ये शहर है ही इतना ख़ूबसूरत| पर मेरे लिए ये शहर एक नया कदम लेके आया था……

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Valentine’s day is a bit overrated in India. People get excited about expressing their love publicly. After all, public display of affection is a criminal offense in this country. And it’s a human behavior to get attracted towards something that we are not allowed to. So, how about me making this offense today online? 🙂…

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Rekha - The Untold Story

As I am a writer, I love sharing my creative instincts with the world through this blog. I will not deny the fact that this blog connects me with the audience who not only loves my work but hates it too, many a time. And I love every single bit of it. But I also…

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