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Hey friends, First of all my apologies for not publishing any blog post on Vaidus World for such a long time. Well! As you all know, for me Vaidus World is like one digital space helping to express to the best of my abilities. And today, I have an announcement to make. I have launched…

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यह जीवन की विडम्बना है, अंत को खोजना जैसे उसकी लालसा है, हर पल अंत को पुकारा करती है, सामने होने पर झुठलाया करती है| जल्दी में रहा वो करती है, दौड़ में अव्वल आती है, तेज़ी रफ़्तार में उसके रहती है, अंत को छूकर भी पछताती है| पीछे जैसे कुछ छूट गया हो, वक़्त…

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Relationships… The most important word! Now the question is, Why is it important? Compatibility, love, respect, care… I am sure these must be the first few words that you must be thinking to answer. And you know what? We think similarly! But more importantly, I was thinking about the complexities prevailing in relationships. Is it…

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