Vaidehi (a.k.a. Vaidus) is a founder of Jeet eSolutions and a blogger since 2007. She started her blogging journey with RediffiLand.com. However, when she met WordPress, she instantly fell in love.

Vaidu writes poems, short stories, quotes, shayari, and a lot of opinionated blogs. She also publishes audio blogs on Vaidus World and runs a YouTube channel with the name, Vaidus World.

So to cut the story short, writing is like oxygen to Vaidu. She is living happily because writing is living with her too. 🙂

ऐ दिल! कुछ पल हमसे भी रूबरू हुआ करो,

बेचैन घड़ियों में साथ दिया करो,

तेरी बदमाश धड़कनें गुदगुदी किया करती हैं,

मेरे चंचल मन को सपने दिखाया करती हैं|

Inspired from The Daily Post

तलाश Hindi Poem

यूँ ही तेरा हँस देना, फिर अचानक कुछ रूठ जाना, मेरी खिल्ली उड़ाना, फिर पीछे पड़कर मना लेना, हाथ थामने कि तुझसे ज़िद्द करना, एक नासमझ से हठ करना, गुस्सा […]

announcement learn from me

Hey friends, First of all my apologies for not publishing any blog post on Vaidus World for such a long time. Well! As you all know, for me Vaidus World […]