Short Stories

The first source of entertainment of every individual is a story. A mother narrates stories to their kids… sometimes to make them eat while sometimes to enrich their child’s knowledge. I always loved listening stories and living in my own dream world. So, I created a one for my audience too.

This section covers some of my short stories (fiction). Hope I contribute in creating a fairy tale for you too. 🙂


She had a date today. Yeah, a blind one at that. However, Priya’s heart and mind were not aligned. She felt excited for a moment and then suddenly sadness engulfed […]

rain shower

The noise of raindrops, the smell of wet soil, and a gentle breeze kissing the cheeks always brought a dimpled smile on Medhavi’s face. A jump on the mud is […]

(Short Story) दादी, हमारी सुपरवुमन

कहते हैं हर रात के बाद उजाला होता है, हर अँधेरे रास्ते में छुपी हुयी रौशनी की किरण होती है और हर बुरे वक़्त का एक अंत होता है| ज़िन्दगी […]