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Is it difficult to define DREAMS? I guess, yes! If you can define what you dream about then you can easily define yourself as well. So, here I give a try to define myself.

Dream 1: Born To Dance

Well! My first dream took birth when I was in 1st standard. Too quick, huh? 😀

It was my first dance class. When I entered the class, it had the aroma of music which gave me goosebumps. It had all the music instruments like guitar, sitar, tabla, harmonium etc. and one small tape recorder. As the class started, my dance teacher started teaching some dance steps. But the real face-off came in my life after the class.

When the class got over, my teacher called and asked me, ‘do you like dancing?’. I guess she saw that spark and love for dance in my eyes while I was following her like a baby. I replied ‘Yes!’ with a smile and blushing cheeks. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart, I knew what she’s going to demand next so, obviously, I was begging to God for an escape. But I guess He was busy answering some more important prayers.

She asked me to show some moves on any of my favorite songs. Initially, I refused due to my hesitation… I was always a shy baby, you know (Don’t forget ‘was’ here :P). But then she had the power of a teacher. And like any other teacher, she too scared the poor soul of a student (me) with those horrifying stares. 🙁

Like an obedient student, I showed a couple of ‘thumkas’ to her. I asked her to sing my favorite Bollywood number of those times, ‘mere hathon mein naun naun chudiya hain’. Without wasting a single second, she started singing and I started jumping with my favorite hastaks… Oopss… I meant hand movements. 😛

For about 2-3 minutes, I danced. Those few minutes not only made me blush but also introduced me to my first love, DANCE. I knew that my ‘thumkas’ were not good but I also knew that I can make them awesome some day with the help of the professional training. Yes, I worked on it. I have already completed my beginner level Kathak dance classes. So, now my thumkas are much better than the first ones. 😀

Thank you, Mam! You asked me to say ‘Hola’ to my passion and first ever dream. Yes! This was my first dream… to dance flawlessly… and endlessly! 🙂

Dream 2: A Disheartened Student Started A Blog Of Hindi Poems

The story doesn’t end here. It was just the beginning. I was soon introduced to my another dream. I was in 7th standard and it was my English class. One day our English teacher told that as a daily activity we were supposed to write an English poem, which will be pasted on the notice board. I got fascinated with the idea of writing a poem. (Though it was too early)

For practice, she asked us to write a poem in that class. That was the day when I wrote my first poem, ‘Moon’! Trust me, it is one of the worst poems I have ever written. I can say that as it has been some time now that I am in writing industry. 😀 But creativity is beyond critics and appreciations. It lies within us but most of the times, we close our eyes and even brains due to the people’s judgment, bad remarks, and own lose confidence. It must have happened with me too if my bestie would not have held my hand. 🙂

After witnessing the criticism by my teacher, whispers and weird smiles from my mates, I sat down with a sad face. And then one hand held my hand. It was my best friend and sister, Jyotsna. She was sitting next to me and noticed my broken heart. She just held my hand with a smile and confidence on me. I owe my love for writing and success (be it big or small) to her. 🙂

I then decided not to give up. Although, I soon realized that English poetry was not my cup of tea, however, I always loved to play with Hindi words. So one fine day, I decided to use this skill and guess what? A Hindi poet was born.

I finally started writing Hindi poems. I started maintaining a diary. We were not having computers or laptops neither we were exposed to the blogging world. Whenever, some Hindi words knocked my brain, I just used to pen them down in my diary and called them my Hindi poems. 🙂

And then that special day came in my life. I saw some fascinating Hindi poems from emerging writers on the internet (Thank God, my father gifted a PC). It was 2007 when I found RedifIland (now known as Rediff blog). I started publishing my Hindi poems and since then there is no looking back.

My diary is almost 18 years old now and I am running this blog since 9 years. Again, a teacher helped me to identify my skills and fall in love with it. 🙂

Personal Interest Turned In A Profession

Vaidus- Hindi Poems Lover And Marketer With A Dancing SoulThese Hindi poems gave me strength and confidence to become a content professional. Now, I proudly share with everyone that I did good enough mistakes, learned from them, and made a profession out of it. My interest (which was known to be just a hobby in my country a few years ago) is now my profession.

I tried to club my profession and personal interests in the bullets below. 🙂

  • I have more than 6 years of experience in content and digital media.
  • I am an entrepreneur of Jeet eSolutions, a content and digital agency established in 2013.
  • I am a blogger by choice, heart, and soul. I shout loud on social issues and pour down Hindi poems on my blog.
  • I love social media and use it heavily for sharing personal as well as professional thoughts. It connects me with like-minded people. So, you may also call me a social media marketer as I don’t think it’s wrong to admit that I use my skills to market my personal blog too. 🙂
  • I learned Kathak for good 6 months and completed the first (beginner) level of professional training in the same.
  • I am an audio blogger and love publishing my voice. I think it always leaves a huge impact on the listeners.

So, in short, if writing is my life then dance is my soul. And, yes! I am born to DANCE and WRITE. 🙂

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