Journey Till Date

Is it difficult to define DREAMS? I guess, yes! If you can explain what you dream about then you can truly define yourself as well. So, here I am… Trying to define myself through a stroy! Dream 1: Born To Dance Well! My first dream was born when I was in 1st standard. Too quick,…

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This is what people think about me! 😎

Kumar Vaibhav Shrivastava

Vaidehi has always been an asset and she has always delivered the task assigned to her on time, She has a very intuitive mind and she understands the requirements quiet easily and swiftly, I think if you have some one like her taking up the job you can always relax from that end.

Pradnya Kulkarni

Vaidehi is a powerhouse and her passion for work makes her an outstanding professional. She is lively with co-workers and always filled with positive energy. Her zeal for excellence makes her a highly efficient professional. Nothing is too hard for her, she is innovative, passionate and committed.

Animesh Raj Vardhan

Honest in true sense, respectful in all cases, creative, intelligent, persuasive, team player, attentive, eye for fine points… these are the words which spontaneously come to me if I think of Vaidehi.