Curated Thoughts

I love curating my thought… it makes them more meaningful. Some people call them my quotations but I would love to call them my thoughts.

This section covers all of them. Hope you to find the hidden meaning from these few words. 😉

Terrorism is the result of an imaginary world… Prayers for London Bridge attack victims!

I am pleased to see you,
Oh, I am glad to meet you.
The mock covers the wind,
But the fake smiles never end.


You can not see me, I may not find you, You are searching for me and I’m within you, Let’s go on a date today, let’s take a flight, We […]

When life takes a sharp turn hurting the neck, that’s the moment when it whispers, ‘You will have your best ride today!’ 🙂

inspired by: elixir

A hazy night inviting a walk on the roadside,
Holding hands and looking straight in the eyes,
Those silent chats with blushing smiles,
A tinkling beat is coming from deep inside. 🙂