Curated Thoughts

I love curating my thought… it makes them more meaningful. Some people call them my quotations but I would love to call them my thoughts.

This section covers all of them. Hope you to find the hidden meaning from these few words. 😉

When things go wrong, you can fix them… when people choose the wrong path, you can direct them… when someone falls, they can stand up… but when someone breaks into pieces, they need a hand to hold these pieces and glue them with love to insert life in a broken person, once again.

Inspired by daily prompt

Terrorism is the result of an imaginary world… Prayers for London Bridge attack victims!

I am pleased to see you,
Oh, I am glad to meet you.
The mock covers the wind,
But the fake smiles never end.


You can not see me, I may not find you, You are searching for me and I’m within you, Let’s go on a date today, let’s take a flight, We […]

When life takes a sharp turn hurting the neck, that’s the moment when it whispers, ‘You will have your best ride today!’ 🙂

inspired by: elixir