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मुकम्मल साथ पाना कठिन कहाँ होता है, बस ज़र्रे भर पहल की ज़रूरत है |

— वैदेही सिंह शर्मा

Hi, I am VaiduS & this is my personal blog! 🙂

My name is Vaidehi Singh Sharma but years ago some fellow bloggers started calling me VaiduS and I loved it. 🙂

I enjoy dancing and writing. While I prefer to dance to feel alive, I use Vaidus World to express the emotions through fictions to stay in touch with the rest of the world. I would love hear your feedback on my work, suggestions on the topics I should write, or simply interact with you.

Feel free to write at or connect with me on either of the below social media channels. 🙂

My Favorite!

My biggest heartbreak was my mother’s death. It was so sudden that I couldn’t express when she passed away. Probably, this is the reason why it is taking forever to let her go. But I have started to embrace her memories. 🙂

Because she left a month before my wedding, it was even harder to start a new life with the love of my life. It seemed like accepting the end of the closest chapter and starting a new one.

It wasn’t easy and during this grieving process, I wrote and narrated this poem. It captures the real emotions and dialogues of my mother, hence, closest to my heart. 🙂

Essence of VaiduS World

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