(Short Story) दादी, हमारी सुपरवुमन

कहते हैं हर रात के बाद उजाला होता है, हर अँधेरे रास्ते में छुपी हुयी रौशनी की किरण होती है और हर बुरे वक़्त का एक अंत होता है| ज़िन्दगी के ये मोड़, ऊंच-नींच, और उलटे-सीधे से रास्ते, कई बार हम बहुत कम वक़्त में तय कर लेते हैं| एक के बाद एक मुश्किल का […]

against boycotting aamir khan movies

Many spoke against Aamir Khan’s comment on intolerance. Many of us wished for boycotting Aamir Khan and his upcoming movies too. Hashtags like #BoycottPK were rolling on social media after this controversy. And guess what? I too found the statement made by the finest actor in the industry, shocking. This wasn’t something that I expected. But […]

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Dictionaries are so true. It introduced me to an adjective that keeps me happy, Content! 🙂

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‘Trust’ is the backbone of a relationship. If you lose it, you lose the spine of a relationship.

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Open Letter

Dear Mam, I am a student of Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication of IGNOU. I am writing this open letter to you after my continuous unsuccessful efforts of getting in touch with my regional center, study center and student inquiry centers through emails and phone calls. I am a working professional and am […]