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A poem was the first ever blog published on this platform. After all, they reside within me. Yes, I breathe them. :) This category covers all the poems of written and published by me. Hope you like them. :)

‘Will You Or Will I?’ (New series: Romantic Poems)

I know you will leave me one day,
I know we will part our ways,
I know this will end someday.

You will cry hard and regret what you lost,
You will wish to fix the messy life of yours,
You will try to find a space for your tears,
But your broken heart will wake you up,
Right in the middle of nightmares.

U and I make an egoists couple,
We love to see each other in trouble,
The tears and arguments are the weapons we use,
We don’t leave a single chance to abuse.

You may find a beautiful soul to grow old with,
I may also get a handsome hunk to gift roses,
But will that soul laugh at your silly jokes?
Will my hunk listen to the stories all days long?

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emotional chaotic diffusion

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