English Poems

A poem was the first ever blog published on this platform. After all, they reside within me. Yes, I breathe them. 🙂

This category covers all the poems of written and published by me. Hope you like them. 🙂


My clumsy walk and those beautiful hands, My red grade cards and a pat on my back, Their serious discussions and real experiences, Introduced me to a life full of […]

renewing life

It’s high time to break tough rules, Allow the breeze to enter my room, New year is waiting on my doorsteps, Welcoming me to accept new dares, Challenging the world […]

emotional chaotic diffusion

The power of those deep dreamy eyes, Makes my intellect die, My efforts are to say a ‘hi’, Your smile turns it to a ‘sigh’. Confusion… confusion… confusion… What an […]


It is this small town of my dreams, That melts my heart like an orange ice cream, An ice cream that shared the innocence of a school bell, Gave giggling […]