Demise… Keeping The Memories Alive!

You came in my life with a cute little smile,
The craziness was born, silently, deep inside,
You held my hand and became my friend,
But your eyes were saying something else.

You wrote our story on a blank canvas,
Created a fairy tale in this crowded world,
Broke the hard shell covering my heart,
Made me shout and let the emotions depart.

I held my soul and heart in the naked hands,
Dipped in love made my emotions look grand,
You accepted me with a warm hug,
Made me feel as if I am on some drug.

An era has passed and it’s been a decade,
You kicked my soul and there’s no aid,
You shot your heart and committed suicide,
A silent ovation was given on your demise.

I hate you for leaving me alone,
Letting me fight with this emotional cyclone,
For you, it was the end of your life,
For me, it is keeping the memories alive.

Your views, comments, and suggestions mean a lot to me. Please share them. I’ll be waiting. 🙂


  1. Advo. R.R.'SAGAR'

    Well Written Vaidehi ji.

      • Advo. R.R.'SAGAR'

        You’re Welcome Vaidehi ji.
        Ek Gazal Likh Pesh Kijiye Na.
        ‘Aankein’or’Tere bin’Topic par.If U Don’t Mind Ma’am.

        • V@idehi

          Thik hai sagar ji! Koshish karugi… aur apke sath link email ke zariye share bhi karugi… 🙂

  2. Success Inspirers' World

    A touching, beautiful poem.

  3. Manu Mangattu

    Why so melancholic? Why had he to be shot in the head? Why couldn’t you live “happily thereafter”? Richly poetic and highly emotional!! Claps!!

    • V@idehi

      Well, yeah! The theme of the poem is sad and emotional. Happy to see your appreciation. 🙂


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