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Turn Simple Ideas Into A Profitable Business

If someone feels that it is really easy for a writer to write then believe me, you have no idea about this truly CHALLENGING profile. 🙂

Imagination is the weirdest thing I have met till now. Yes, I met it. Not just once but a hell lot of times. The best part is when you are in an interactive mode with imagination; it kicks you hard and takes you to some other direction. Want to know how? Let me share an example. Few minutes back, I was listening to an Indian music and was imagining me dancing on every beat of it. Since dance is one of my passions, so it is obvious that when I listen any music I try to choreograph it. But the strange part is I was doing this while sitting in office. I took a 5 min break for myself from my busy schedule, so that I can prove to be more productive to my managers and my company.

You must be thinking how this break dragged me to some other world of imagination. So, it goes like this. I am a content person who was listening to music and was imagining a few dance steps on a Bollywood number. Suddenly, an idea popped up in my mind. How about me dancing in a closed room, may be a conference room of my office? You know dance is like a relaxation therapy for me. A 5 min break for any employee can make wonders for a company. How? 5 min break refreshes you and finally, make you land on your work with a complete fresh set of mind.

work-stressEvery morning when you reach office, you feel so geared up that you wish to complete all the tasks in a single tap on your keyboard. However, this never work. You always end up with a lot of pending work remaining in your ‘To Do’ list. Right? Did you ever think, why this happen? Or is it a case of every employee? You leave for home with entire work load with you and end your day with so much of dissatisfaction. You start complaining about work load, management of your company and at times also get into frustration of not performing well, no career growth, no salary and so on. Right? Is there any way to get out of all these frustrations? Yes! there is a way. However, very few of you might agree to it but still lets think this way.

Do you remember your school days? In every school, kids have a break/lunch time. They have their lunch, play, and have fun with their mates. After break, they feel refreshed and go back to their classes with a complete new energy. Then, why don’t we learn from them?

A lot of companies have recreation rooms with a couple of games. But why only games? Many employees may not be interested in games but may be interested in some other activities. Something like, drawing a sketch or a cartoon; playing some musical instrument like guitar, keyboard etc.; dancing; learning new recipes which he/she can prepare later on at his/her place; writing poetry; or may be games also. Why can’t we make a little creative break time which can interest all employees and give them a break from the entire work load for that half an hour or one hour? Trust me, it can really generate results and give profitable business to your venture.

Mostly people feel that this need a lot of resources and only big and huge ventures can implement this. Really? May be but you know what? This came in my mind long back when I was freelancing and I wanted this kind of a work culture for my own venture in future and that too from day one. At least I know I can do that with limited resources. You must be thinking how? Well, that is the strategy. Every simple or new idea with some great strategies always bring great success, be it a huge corporate giant or a small venture like mine. 🙂

Let me share another great example to justify my previous statement. Did you ever gave a thought about a website which can answer all your queries in 70’s? No, right? You already know which company I am talking about. That’s right, Google! Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D students of Stanford University incorporated their privately held company, Google in 1998 with just 14% of their shares in the company. In the year 2004, they moved to their new headquarter in California, Googleplex. They started with a small idea of organizing world’s information in such a manner that it becomes easily accessible to all the users across the world. In simple words, answering all your queries. 🙂

Google is one of the biggest search giants now but did you ever notice that the basic idea was to accumulate ‘world’s information’ at one place. Such a simple idea which got implemented in such a unique and great style. When they started thinking about it, they might be having a doubt as well about their idea.  But they did it and now we call them ‘Giants’.

So now, after going through the complete write up of mine don’t you think that providing a creative break to yourself or your employees can turn your organization into a big profitable business? What say? Or did you find any other idea out of this write up to run a business? If yes, share it below in the comment box. Looking forward to have some great yet simple ideas which can generate some great and real results.

By the way after reading this blog, do you also think writers are crazy people and can drag you from one imagination (or place) to another? Look at the first line of the blog and then the last one, you will get the answer 😛

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