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A Rain Shower (Short Story)

rain shower

The noise of raindrops, the smell of wet soil, and a gentle breeze kissing the cheeks always brought a dimpled smile on Medhavi’s face. A jump on the mud is all what she always desired for in monsoon. But a girl wearing a new white kurta and wrinkled denim residing within her was stopping the mischievous child peeping from her heart. So, she decided to obey the girl and rest the taste buds of the child with the favorite monsoon cuisine… Tea and pakodas (snacks).

She entered the college canteen and ordered a tea and some pakodas (snacks). She saw Abhimanyu sitting alone at the corner of the canteen. Medhavi hated sharing her monsoon cuisine but Abhimanyu’s sad face grabbed her attention. With the heavy heart, she decided to share it.

Medhavi: Hey! What’s up?

Medhavi always carried an assertive behavior. Carrying a bold attitude was her signature style. She pulled the chair and sat in front of Abhimanyu. He greeted her with a dull ‘hello’ and looked a little lost.

Medhavi: All good?

Abhimanyu: Oh yes! You tell… how’s life?

Medhavi: Everything is rocking except the results we received. I failed in 5 subjects out of 8… after breaking this awesome news at home my parents want to abandon me… they want me to marry at the age of 23… I want to travel the world but don’t have money… most of my friends think I am one crazy woman who has no goals and ambitions in life… And I think that is enough of stress for today. 🙂

Abhimanyu: Oh man! You are really crazy. You just gave a list of disasters happening in your life and that too with such a huge smile. How?

Medhavi: So, what should I do? Hold a corner of a canteen and sit alone with a sad face? Well, you have already occupied it. 😉

Abhimanyu: You have no idea what I am going through. Someone like you will never understand. You accept things so easily. I can’t.

Medhavi: Look at the weather outside and then see what’s on your table… pakodas (snacks) and an amazing ginger tea. Now tell me, ‘do I have a reason to waste this moment?’.

I am worried about my future but not more than my present.

Abhimanyu: What you are saying is right but it is important to plan the future as well.

Medhavi: Indeed, it is. But I don’t want to plan anything with a sad face.

Abhimanyu: Oh yeah? Then what’s your plan to clear the mess?

Medhavi: Hmm… First of all, I will eat these pakodas and with every bite I will take a sip of my tea. After finishing this, I will go to my hostel without using an umbrella. A rain shower will clear my mind and stress. I will then take a bath and call my mom. I will tell her why I failed… why they shouldn’t have pushed me to enroll in masters… and why I should drop this year and prepare for UPSC.

Abhimanyu: What? Are you preparing for UPSC prelims?

Medhavi: C’mon Abhimanyu! It’s history. I have to appear for mains now. But after exams, I want to travel the world.

Abhimanyu: What?? You failed in 5 exams out of 8 but you are through with prelims of UPSC which is one of the toughest exams of the country… you are joking, right?

Medhavi: You are one of the toppers in our batch and today you are sad because somebody else scored more than you. Thanks for confirming that you are still an idiot judging people with their college grades.

‘My parents have a lot of hopes from me’. Abhimanyu replied with a sad face.

Medhavi: Currently, parents are expecting you to get awesome score… then they will expect you to grab an alluring offer in an MNC… then a big fat Indian wedding of their son… then two healthy babies… and lastly, they will stop expecting from you. You know why? Because after that they will bombard your children with the same panoply of expectations. Wow, What a life!

Abhimanyu: Shit! I don’t want this. What should I do then?

Medhavi: Eat these pakodas and come out with me. Let’s take a rain shower. It will answer your question. 🙂


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