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Blogger Having A Personal Blog Too Have A Private Life

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The interaction shared below is a piece of fiction that showcases some kinda reality. 😉 Bloggers running personal blogs often face such questions. So, here are the answers for all those ‘Random People’ who doesn’t understand why we call it a personal blog and how we take care of it. 😀

Blogger: I am an Indian blogger. I own a personal blog.

Random People: Personal blogs? How’s it personal when you are sharing it online? Anyone sitting in any corner of the world can read your thoughts on the blog. Isn’t it?

Blogger: Oh, yes! I love sharing what I feel but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a private life. 🙂

Random People: How can your life be private when you own a personal blog and putting everything online. Don’t you think it’s dangerous for your private life too? These days everyone is available online and you are openly putting your views, photographs, thoughts, poetry, work etc. for the online crowd. I mean… your work can be stolen, your views and opinions can be misunderstood, and your photographs can be used incorrectly.

Blogger: What you are saying is absolutely right but if there are thieves and idiots in the world then there are intelligent people too, who can easily trick such idiots.

Random People: How?

Blogger: Let’s take it one by one.

Firstly, my views and opinions are completely mine. I shouldn’t care what people think about it. In fact, I only care if it is hurting my close ones. So, my first and foremost thought while penning down any opinionist blog is to research well. I look at both sides of the coin and then make an opinion. In fact, you can notice it in the credits that I give in my blogs.

Secondly, the work that I am publishing online is copyrighted. If someone will steal it, I will take ‘good care’ of that person for sure. And trust me, I am an evil for thieves. 😉

Thirdly, there are hardly any blogs that have personal photos. In fact, more than my blog you can find my photos on Google images. Did you check yours? Your pictures are also flashing on Google and I can save them. My pictures are available more on social media and search engines than my own blog. So, who cares about putting pictures on blogs. Right? After all, anyone can save my pictures from any online portal and use it but as I said, I am an ‘EVIL’. 😉

And lastly, having a personal blog doesn’t mean I don’t have a private life.

Writers are the biggest introverts. They make you believe in their writings, create a fairytale for you, and take you on a ride of a whole new world of imagination.

I may put personal opinions and views on my blogs but they are always well-researched. They are not only my voice… they are the voice of a crowd taking a stand for right things… only the platform for raising a voice is my blog.

And c’mon, do you really think that a few blogs can sum up my whole life? Really? 😀

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