Personal Experiences And Feelings

A life is full of surprises, emotions, feelings, and personal experiences. This section covers my ride. However, if you can't agree with me then I'm absolutely fine. I accept the way you are and respects your emotions but I expect the same from you too. :)

Love isn’t about making someone feel special or loved. It’s about caring, staying, holding, appreciating, understanding, and above all, loving and accepting all those who matter to the one you love. If you haven’t done any of this and/or not accepted everything (living or dead, materialist or non-materialistic), you have no f**king right to point out the one, whom you think you loved the most some time back in past. See within!

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Hey friends, First of all my apologies for not publishing any blog post on Vaidus World for such a long time. Well! As you all know, for me Vaidus World is like one digital space helping to express to the best of my abilities. And today, I have an announcement to make. I have launched…

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Relationships… The most important word! Now the question is, Why is it important? Compatibility, love, respect, care… I am sure these must be the first few words that you must be thinking to answer. And you know what? We think similarly! But more importantly, I was thinking about the complexities prevailing in relationships. Is it…

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