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Proud To Be A Non-Voter


Delhi Election! Yeah, right. This blog is on Delhi Elections. As most of us are posting on Social Media and blogs about Delhi elections, I would also like to share my views on the same. Hey! But before you look for something like a single party supporter’s write-up, then let me tell you, you have landed at wrong page.

All of us post pictures with inked fingers on election day, keep on debating and supporting our leaders, and keep on speaking against the leaders whom we feel doesn’t fit in the frame of elections. We have been criticizing non-voters in our country and I am pretty sure that all of us must have witnessed a debate on this issue once in life.  But there is another side of the coin as well, Guys!  Out of all of the above discussions, which we usually keep on discussing during elections, one very strong issue is ‘non-voting’. But you know what, I am a Non-Voter and I am Proud of it!

Most of my readers might not agree with me on being a ‘Non-Voter’ thing but I strongly feel that Non-Voters can be even more patriotic at times. Why? Well, h/she isn’t voting just for the sake of some following silly questions popping up in his/her mind:

  • Everyone is voting then I should also vote. Right?
  • What will I say to my friends and colleagues, if they will ask me that which party I supported?
  • Am I not an Indian and a patriotic person if I am not voting?
  • Will my single vote seriously matters for the country?

Proud To Be A Non-VoterI have experienced above questions in past but whenever I faced them, I was more clear with the fact that ‘I am not Voting’. You know why? Because I was never confident on any of the leaders till yet so that I give my precious vote to them. It is my vote and let me decide that where I want to use it. It’s been more than 10 years that I got this right to vote in my country but in all these years, I never found a single person whom I can trust that he will improve the situation of my country.

It is my Country, My Home and I will decide that who will head it. It is a big decision for me and I will not use this right till I am sure about it.

I am protective for my country. I don’t trust people easily and it is fine if I am not voting because I want a leader to be the best one. In all these years, I have been only listening about different parties and its leaders blaming on opposition leaders. In all this blame game, where is India? Are we working as a Team for our country?

Do you remember when we worked as a team and showed our unity? It happens only once in a years and that too when someone dies or some crime gets so much of media presence that common man comes on street.

Remember Nirbhaya case? This case pushed every citizen from the country to come on street and show their aggression and unwillingness towards slow justice to such cases. All this aggression and unity finally forced government and higher judicial authorities to deliver justice on time. But how many rape cases gets so much attention? How many victims are able to get justice on time? Also, if we consider only Nirbhaya case then after this case, government created a lot of awareness about rules and rights of an individual. We keep on hearing that, “Auto drivers are not allowed to say ‘No’ to give a ride to a girl to her place in late evenings.” Are they actually implementing this rule? Nope! I personally faced this situation two days back when an auto driver refused to take me home on meter charges at 8:00 PM (approx.) in Dwarka Sector 7, New Delhi. So, shall I assume that our government and our leaders sleeping? On this topic, I would like to bring one news in front of my readers. Please read it here.

According to this news, Arvind Kejriwal who was elected as Chief Minister for a short span of 49 days wished to withdraw Delhi Police’s power to fine auto drivers and now he is all set for another election and have huge opportunity to win. Mr. Kejriwal was CM for 49 days between 28th Dec, 2013 – 15th Feb, 2014 while Nirbhaya gang rape occurred on 16th Dec, 2012 and after this case, there should have been a stringent check on Auto drivers.

Now, I would like to question my readers that after coming across such news and updates, will I not be doubtful about my selection of a leader for my country? I was having a lot of hopes from AAP when they came into power but then the way Mr. Kejriwal took a decision of leaving the CM position, I again lost hopes.

Currently, I being a voter have hopes with BJP, looking into the past work and activeness of Mr. Narendra Modi. After a long time, we have a PM with such a huge following globally and he have also proved himself as a CM, Gujarat but then looking at AAP’s decisions in past, I get worried about my decision of voting this time as well.

So, I would only like to request my readers that instead of playing blame games and influencing each other to vote your ideal candidate for election, do not follow leaders blindfolded and Vote to that person or party who has won your trust. Look into the work they have done in past and not the promises. Convince yourself to vote for right person who can benefit your country because your vote matters.

As far as I am concerned, I am not convinced yet. I still have doubts on all parties and their representatives because they mislead me by blaming their oppositions and their work. I would require more defined reasons for vote and I feel it is fine, if I am not voting or choosing ‘None of the Above‘ option in voting booth.

However, I would request everyone to vote but with proper analysis and confidence. May the best man win so that we have a safe Delhi! 🙂

Fact References: Wikipedia, IBNLive and NDTV

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