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Social Media: New Voice Against Injustice

Social media has always been a source of keeping people aware about latest trends and updates of their favorite brands. But now it is spreading its wings and becoming the voice of every individual. People are now very well aware of the power of social media and leverage it for their rights as well. It has worked incredibly well and came up very strongly and worked as a voice of every Indian citizen. It brought a lot of issues in the notice of higher officials and also made people aware of unethical practices prevailing in the society.

Some of the recent examples where social media played a major role in raising the voice against social injustice are mentioned below:

#1 Twist In Molestation Case Of Haryana Rohtak Sisters

Recently, a video went viral where two Rohtak sisters fought against eve teasing in a bus. This video went viral on Social Media and everyone posted comments on their support. Indian Government also decided to award these Rohtak Sisters with Bravery Awards.

But out of the blue, there was another series of video of Rohtak Sisters on Social Media. This video got uploaded with the title ‘The Final Face of The Rohtak Sisters’ in support of the boys targeted by them, who were shown as assailant previously. The award declared for Rohtak Sister’s bravery is also on hold now, as declared by Haryana Government.

#2 Bulandshahr District Magistrate (DM) B. Chandrakala, Took Action against Corrupt Staff

B. Chandrakala, IAS, District Magistrate Bulandshahr came into notice of the whole country through a video, which went viral on social media. The video was captured when she was taking strict action against corrupt staff. This video went viral on YouTube and since then she is a hope for every citizen of the country.

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#3 Actor Shenaz Treasurywala’s Open Letter To Modi On Social Media Received Open Letter In Reply

Celebrities often use social media for promotion but recently an open letter by Super Model and Actor Shenaz Treasurywala for PM Narendra Modi, Actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Business Tycoon, Anil Ambani caused such a storm, which became a voice of every Indian Girl. This letter was written by the Super Model in response to Uber Rape Case in Delhi. Her open letter can be found below:

Open Letter By Shenaz Treasurywala To Modi from Vaidehi Singh

After this open letter, a number of open letters were pouring in response on social media. One of them is attached below:

Response Of Open Letter By Shenaz Treasurywala from Vaidehi Singh

Social media, therefore, keep people aware of such unethical practices in the society and also serve to be a platform for them to raise their voice, not only among online crowd but in front of the whole world.

Every individual thus, can reach this form of media and expose all unethical activities going on in the society. However, it is important for one to learn Social media, so that he/she can leverage this form of media in a right manner.

Video Credit: YouTube (Bulandshahr Express, Amar Ujala & The Logical Indian)

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