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Use Public Transport At Right Price

Me being a part of Digital Media Industry, keep on visiting ample number of events and do witness a lot of sessions led by various industry leaders. In the month of Oct, I went to TieCon Delhi 2014 for live coverage as part of my job profile. During the event, I attended one of the sessions led by Mr. A. Muruganantham, CEO, Jayaashree Industries. He narrated his journey in typically Indian style with a lot of humor attached.

This blog is not at all related to digital media but it is about that one statement made by Mr. A. Muruganantham, which gave me a reason to think.

“If you want to create a new thing, or build a new organization, don’t look for an opportunity but look for a PROBLEM. Opportunity is covered with problems. Inside the problem you can find an opportunity.”

We all know that every opportunity comes out of one or the other problem, then why don’t we discuss some common issues and/or problems openly? This blog is about the daily problems which all of us face. It can be daily traffic which we face while travelling to offices or home, it can be your issues with your boss, it can even be your personal issue which you don’t wish to discuss with every other person etc.

I try to raise common issues, ideas, or subjects in my blogs. Today my topic is travelling through public transport in India, in fact more specifically in Delhi. I am originally from U.P. but Delhi is like a second home for me now. I work here and use public transport as travelling means and trust me, Delhi Metro is the best gift which all Delhiets have. I can’t say much about buses as I hardly used them but yes, Delhi metro is quiet convenient to use in comparison to other transports in bad weather conditions like rain, winters etc.

But what about other transports like hiring an Auto? How many of us bother to ask auto drivers to switch on their meters and follow rules? Or how many of us know that how much amount should be charged per kilometer? Ironically, I was also not aware of it till I started using it.

Recently, my office shifted to NSP which is quiet far from my place. I take metro till Rajouri Garden and from Rajouri Garden Metro station I use Auto to reach Netaji Subhash Place. Ideally, it lies between 6 – 7 km by road. So, charges for my travel should not be more than 65 Rs (25 Rs for first 2 Km and rest of km should be charged as 8 Rs per km). However, I always end up giving 70 – 75 Rs at least to auto drivers and that too with the meter. This is what their meters are showing.

Either their meters are showing wrong amount or the information given on official sites about charges is wrong. Not only this, often auto drivers refuses to take you to your place if you are asking them to use meter.

This is a daily struggle for professionals like me who want to use public transport but end up taking loans for own vehicles. Don’t you think that if public transport of our country improves it will be a problem solver for the citizens, tourists and even for the country, as it might reduce traffic of individually owned vehicles, will reduce pollution, and will also contribute heavily in the revenue of our country. Furthermore, a lot of people will be able to have their bread and butter with these autos, if common people use them more.

I strongly believe that any writing is incomplete without facts and no one has a right to point out anything if you can’t prove it, so here is the video below, which I and my friend took while travelling back from NSP to Rajouri Garden Metro in evening. This video was taken as we noticed that kilometers were increasing in every second in the meter.

I also have a lot other pictures of the name plates of those autos whose auto drivers charges extra amount and misbehaves if you questions them for rules and right charges. But, images or facts go useless if right action is not taken.

No problem can be solved if an initiative is not taken to solve it. So, here is my initiative for its solution. I am writing this with the hope that it will reach to the officials and action will be taken to stop it.

I request every reader that please follow government rules and stand for your rights, as it is your money and your earning is precious, not just for you but also for our country. 🙂

Image Credit: Google Images

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