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Mom Solves Her Daughter’s Queries About Dad!


A child’s first word is ‘Ma’ or ‘Mum’. Mom is the only person who will scold you, care for you, pamper you, and will cry with and for you. At times, we sympathize with single mothers but look around, there are a lot of single mothers around you. A lot of wives who face domestic violence every day but don’t give up just for the sake of their children.

In India, doctor doesn’t allow you to know the sex of your child before birth. Why? Because still there are a lot of people who kill their daughters in the womb and wish to have a son. But did we ever think about those mothers who are forced to kill their daughters?

A woman is never weak but if she is quiet then it means that she values relationships. So, love your mom and see how a mother answers her daughter’s innocent queries about her dad. 🙂

Daughter: Mom, who is dad?

Mother: My husband is your dad.

Daughter: Really? But he hits you. How can he be my dad? My friends say dads are the one who protect their family.

Mother: Dads are always good to their daughters.

Daughter: And wives?

Mother: Sometimes they are good to them but sometimes they can be evils for them. It varies from person to person.

Daughter: So, do you mean that I will have a bad husband too?

Mother: No!

Daughter: How can you be so sure about it?

Mother: Because I will make sure that you get the right man in your life.

Daughter: Thanks Dad! 🙂

Mother: You are welcome princess! 🙂

Video & Song Credit: A song from Dasvidaniya (Bollywood movie)

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