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#Nojobsformuslims: Ain’t We Accepting Discrimination?

When you have to write on a disgusting topic, you as a writer also feel so disgusted to portray it in your writing. However, at times it becomes your moral duty to get into the mud and bring the reality in front of the nation.

If you are a social media lover then you might got an opportunity to have a look at the most trending topic on social media channels. A Mumbai based company denied a job application to Zeshan Khan stating that they don’t hire Muslim candidates. An MBA fresher, Zeshan Khan stated that he received this email within 15 minutes.

Below is the mail which Zeshan Khan received from the HR team of this company.

Source: IndiaToday
Source: IndiaToday

After reading this mail, shall we consider that our 7 Fundamental Rights are useless? Right to equality is the very first right which every Indian citizen wish to have. It states that discrimination on the basis of religion, cast, gender, place of birth should be prohibited. Not just this, but this right gives you equality for opportunities like employment and purely prohibit untouchability.

This isn’t the first time that a company violated this right of an Indian citizen. After receiving this email, Zeshan posted it on various social media channels like Facebook, etc. and in response of this update, a lot of people came up in support of Zeshan and shared similar experiences of inequality. Bihar Prabha listed a couple of responses out of which one of the tweet by Ashfaq Ahmed came up as an eye-opener. Ashfaq posted a couple of screenshots of the vacancies posted by various companies on Job Portals, where one can witness violation of this right to equality repeatedly. Few pictures posted by him on Twitter can be seen below:

Ashfaq Ahmed Twitter

Ashfaq Ahmed Twitter

Ashfaq Ahmed Twitter

Above tweets clearly explains that this isn’t a matter of job rejection for one set of community or an individual. It is a problem for all Indian Citizens. So, do you thing creating a hashtag like #‎nojobsformuslims‬ is right? Isn’t it like escaping from one problem and entering into another?

I came across this hashtag during my research and it hurted me more because creating a hashtag like this is like accepting the discrimination and highlight only one religion, while it is a problem for all and not for one. I would have appreciated if it would have been #nojobsforequalitylovers or #respectequality.

What do you think about it? Am I wrong?

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