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Love Marriage With The Permission Of A ‘Beep’ (Audio Blog)


Hello everyone! This is Vaidus and welcome to my world, the ‘Vaidu’s World’. So, I am back with a new topic and it’s called ‘Love Marriage With The Permission Of A Beep’. Sounds weird? Ahhh….I love publishing weird titles….. Hehehahahaha…. That’s my small little world, The Weird World. 😛

Hey! After all, we live in a weird ‘Society’ which speaks its own language of hypocrisy. This very first statement might disinterest a couple of my listeners and readers. You must be thinking that it is just another blog, cursing the society. Am I right? Well, you know what? You are absolutely right!

This time the topic is ‘Love Marriage After An Ideal Age’ or let us take it this way, ‘Love Marriage With The Permission Of A Beep’. Yes! You heard it right! I spoke ‘With The Permission Of A Beep’. Confused with the ‘Beep’ word? I’ll explain you.

Most of the time we talk about ‘Love Cum Arrange Marriage’. In a situation of ‘Love Cum Arrange Marriage’, parents happily accept the bride or the groom and arrange it for their kids. However, in a situation of ‘Love Marriage After An Ideal Age’, it is an increasing age of their child which pushes them to allow their kids to find a soulmate for them.

Now, the very important question is what is an ideal age by which one can have an arrange marriage? Well! It’s difficult to define. It again varies, depending on various circumstances you know.

We are always proud of being a citizen of India, which inherits a lot of communities, religions, castes, languages, cultures, etc. But do we ever realize that we discriminate ourselves by saying that we are proud of it? All riots and communal issues arises from this very discrimination and ‘Love Marriage After An Ideal Age’ is also a result of it.

There are a plenty of religions, castes, and communities prevailing in our country. Every community made its own rules and traditions to follow. All these traditions and rules are followed in every small event of our life. As marriage is an important event of a person’s life, so in our country we celebrate it like a festival.

Look! Following these traditions aren’t bad. In fact, they help us to unite and celebrate it to the fullest. But there are a few harsh assumptions attached to them. Let me introduce you to a few of them.

First Assumption

Boys of our family can have a love marriage as the bride is coming in our family so she is the one who is changing her surname. While the girls of our family shouldn’t marry someone out of our cast as we don’t want her to change her caste after marriage. Isn’t it biased? 😡

Second Assumption

A girl or a boy should look perfect on the first meet, arranged by their parents for marriage. After all depending on it, they will be judged by each other and each other’s family. Wowwww…. It’s showtime! 😛

Third Assumption

It is fine if a girl earns less than a boy or a groom, however, it is not at all bearable if a groom earns lesser than a bride. It results into straight rejections. Ooppssss…. Girls, don’t earn else you won’t be able to get a good match! 🙁

Fourth Assumption

Speak less when you are meeting a boy/girl and his/her family for the first time for arranged marriages. Shhh… Zip your lips and just a sweet ‘agyakari’ smile. 🙂

Fifth Assumption

And last but not the least, girls are allowed to marry a guy of her own choice only if her ideal age for marriage crosses. It is also important to note that an ideal age depend on family relatives, friends and society. I am 26 year old kiddo… I can’t make a right decision for my life…. Awwww….! 🙁

All the first four assumptions mentioned by me here, are very common. A lot of people spoke about it in past. But my personal concern is related to the last assumption mentioned here.

When a girl wish to marry someone of her choice then she can’t because her parents will find a better match for her. But when she crosses a so-called ‘ideal age’ then she is suddenly mature enough to find a suitable match for her. Isn’t  it strange? Just a couple of years give her the magical power to choose the right man for her. Awesome, isn’t it?

Most of you must be thinking that it is again a feminist’s blog. No, Dude! I am equally sorry for guys as well. Ironically, many guys also face similar situation in our country. So, whom should I blame? Girls? Boys? Parents? Or Society?

Hey! I have a better option. Hypocrite family relatives, friends and people around you. They are the devils of your life. I won’t say all of them sail on the same boat but many of them do. So, if you want to live happily then all you have to do is keep your family away from them. Well! I understand that in most cases it is difficult but if you wanna live a happy and a peaceful life, you have to do this for you.

After all, you shouldn’t look or hang-out with someone just because you are crossing an ideal age, set by some beep beep beepsss….. I guess you understood the ‘beep’ word now. If you haven’t then just say Holaaaa, to your sweet hypocrite darlings living around you and you’ll get it.

It’s your choice. Don’t allow others to decide for you because they won’t stand by you in difficult times. It’s your family and real good friends who will be with you. So, save them from such ‘Beep- beep’ people. Got the ‘beep’ now? 😀 😛

Cheers! 🙂

Note: This podcast is created with an objective to spread awareness about the ill-practices and sick mentality prevailing in the society. It is not created with an objective to hurt anyone’s (individual/group) sentiments.

10 responses to “Love Marriage With The Permission Of A ‘Beep’ (Audio Blog)”

  1. “do we ever realize that we discriminate ourselves by saying that we are proud of it? All riots and communal issues arises from this very discrimination” – Not Correct.

    I love the fact that I have friends from all communities and that adds to a couple of color of my own life with their’s to complete the rainbow! It’s awesome when they share their energy with me on their festivals and when I have them around on my joyous occasions 🙂
    The riots, the communal issues are because of the extremist mentality where something has to be carried out ONLY IN THE WAY YOUR COMMUNITY HAS ACCEPTED OR APPROVES – either because of a reason or just because of pure bullshit.
    The issues are because many won’t respect belief systems of others, they take offense – Wonder what’s your take on offens-ovities 😉

    Rest all – soooo true…

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thanks for sharing your views. I really appreciate it. 🙂

      Well, I spoke about discrimination because as per me I understand one term, ‘Indian’. I believe that is enough to define one’s identity. I am a Hindu and I spent 8 years of my life visiting a church when I was in school, and I am spending my life with a Muslim lady hearing all the holy stories of Islam. So, I respect every religion, caste, community etc.

      Talking about riots and communal issues, I strongly feel that sick people participate in it and they are simply ‘MAD’. So, I think all this caste system should be removed as this results into discrimination. Why do we need to tell everyone about our cast or religion? Why is it important? Especially, in case of marriages?

      Anyways, It’s fine to have different views and I respect it. 🙂 By the way you haven’t shared the ‘beep’ word here which hit your mind while listening it? 😛

      1. I’ll say caste system has a meaning. But only if we take it the way it was meant to be. The very little knowledge of “Vedas”, “Shastras” and old age Indian culture I have tells me that caste was “KARAM PRADHAN” and not “janam pradhan”… you belong to the caste of those like whom you work/act and not to those you are born to and that too should be the basis of respect and acknowledgement only, not discrimination. You are spot on with your point on why they drag it in marriages and all!!! that’s beyond me.
        I am always dumbstruck when one of my beep’s distant beep say – rae thara gotra kae sae.. teri rishtay ki baat chalun ek badhiya chori sae meri nigaah me 😛

        1. hahahaha….. Well, all I can say is everyone has different viewpoint on the same topic/subject at times and it is fine. This blog was created to aware people about the ill-mentality prevailing in the society about this marriage thing. I really respect your viewpoint and I also appreciate caste system only if it is not used to discriminate people.

          But you know what, last sentence of your comment is the the best one…. hahaha… 😀

  2. I got speechless when younger than me beeps says “Our Genes are superior and it should not get mixed with other (caste,religion,race).” Now I am doubting in which era I’m in … Is that like I’m homosapian and others are Neanderthals? God bless my young ones.

    1. Blaming generation and talking about generation gap is like protecting yourself from questions which you can’t answer because you are not capable enough. 🙂 Agree with you completely.

  3. Ohkk talking about the caste system.. hmm its wat our ancestor worked as.. those days one who use to pray a lot were called pandit. one who does protection (police of olden days) work were called shatriya and so on.. its was purely on work base.. they earned it what they were categorised .. i keep on visiting gurudwara.. and i baba ji der replied to me very cleverly on same .. he said why don’t we call a son of doctor also a doc.. or a son of a engineer also an engineer… an engineer or a doctor has earned the same by his/her hard work ….. let me recite kabir ji bani “bhalo bahlo har ko kahi guru na mane koi….” we read ramayna ,mahabharat, geeta,quran.. but we don’t wana follow what’s actually written in those holy books

    1. Well! First of all, I would like to thank you Vineet for sharing your views on this post. In fact, you described it so well in your comment. Speaking about caste system in this post was not the core idea of the topic. It was just one assumption, although an important one which usually people make. But I wanted to highlight was the last assumption, where our intelligence and decision of choosing a life partner is approved or disapproved by our society based on our age. It happen with girls as well as boys in our country.

      I respect every religion and caste. I, myself visit Gurudwaras, Churches, Temples, and Dargahs. I have strong faith in God. But as far as I understand, there is no cast or religion which force us to do a particular deed. It never judges you. It only ask you to be right and help right. To add relevancy and speak against the first assumption (mentioned in this blogs) which usually people make, here are a few lines from ‘Geeta Saar’ in Hindi. It will justify my and many others viewpoints:’एक क्षण में तुम करोड़ों के स्वामी बन जाते हो, दूसरे ही क्षण में तुम दरिद्र हो जाते हो। मेरा-तेरा, छोटा-बड़ा, अपना-पराया, मन से मिटा दो, फिर सब तुम्हारा है, तुम सबके हो।’

      It says ‘मन से मिटा दो’ 🙂

      1. I’ll Like to Say only one thing “suno sabki ,Karo Apne Manki…” hey if u are a great personality no one in the society raise these types of question we know the age difference between Sachin Tandulkar and his wife its roughly 6 yrs.. and when Indira Gandhi married to Feroze Gandhi entire India was talking like dono ko pyar hua shadi kar li .. Saif Ali Khan married 1st tym to some one 12 year elder to him and 2nd time 12 year younger .. entire India was eager about it rt,, Sanjay Dutt Manya Dutt …. Amir Khan der anr many example’s the recent one is Digvijaya Singh And Amrita Rai … now Let Me Clearify Mine Stake by taking 1 more example of Salman Khan if he goes to xyz gils house and says to her parent he wana marry their daughter wat do u think the answer would be ….. yar forget parents the girl will readily accept him…. India mein Rules Sab k liye same ni hote ….. “Sabse Bada Rog Kya Sochenge Log” …. if you fell he aur she is gud enough for you go ahead .. ultimately this so called society is not going to come and help you during your odd times .. any ways if i hurted sorry for that … Keep going….

        1. you shouldn’t be sorry… you are absolutely right… in fact, I loved this one, ‘Sabse Bada Rog Kya Sochenge Log’… 😀

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