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I’m Not His Fan But I’m Not Boycotting Aamir Khan Or His Movies

against boycotting aamir khan movies

Many spoke against Aamir Khan’s comment on intolerance. Many of us wished for boycotting Aamir Khan and his upcoming movies too. Hashtags like #BoycottPK were rolling on social media after this controversy. And guess what? I too found the statement made by the finest actor in the industry, shocking. This wasn’t something that I expected. But I never doubted his acting skills. I never favoured boycotting Aamir Khan movies. I loved PK and I do look forward to his upcoming movies too.

But why am I writing all this? I am just an ordinary admirer of his movies and acting. I am not crazy after him. I love a lot of filmmakers, actors, and authors. He is just one of them. But today I watched a talk video at INKTalks.

It was an interview of Mr. Satyajit Bhatkal and Mrs. Svati Bhatkal, people behind the making of the show, Satyamev Jayate. I have been a huge fan of this show. Not because the superstar was hosting it but because the show brought some realities on screen.

In the interview, Mr. Satyajit clearly mentioned that Aamir wanted to work on a show, which should have been around social issues. He wasn’t clear about what it will be but he knew he wants to contribute to the society.

All of us are aware of the famous JNU controversy by its students. We all tolerated those anti-national slogans… but we can’t tolerate Aamir’s movies yet. We can tolerate the comments of Delhi’s respected CM, Arvind Kejriwal who keep accusing Modi government, for no reason. In fact, when he doesn’t get any topic to debate on, he have his favourite topic always with him… ‘मोदी जी की सरकार, हमेशा बेकार’ (Modi’s government is always useless). We can tolerate all this but we can’t tolerate Aamir’s movies. Wow! 🙂

I find it really strange. When he made a statement favouring intolerance in the country, we jumped over the situation. We used hashtags to get visibility and put our views online. We even asked him to leave the country. But who are we to ask him to leave? He holds the same rights which we hold. Are we the constitution? No! Do we have any authority to ask him to leave his own country? No! Can we suggest him the countries he should move to? No! Do we have the rights to speak against his religion? No! Then why?

And if someone justifies all these questions by saying that he said something about the country or about leaving the country so that’s why we asked him to leave… so I will respond with just two words in return. Stop it! Dude, It’s really enough. There is nothing wrong in accepting own mistakes. First of all, it’s one’s own choice to live in a country and secondly, if we respond in the same manner then what is the difference. We are equally intolerant. Ain’t we?

Look! I am not defending him. I can not because I was also one among you who criticized his statement. But I never appreciated the idea of boycotting Aamir Khan movies. I can boycott an individual’s thinking but I can’t boycott his work. Why should his profession be affected by his personal opinions? We all know he is a great actor and a filmmaker. He has given some amazing movies. His movies are globally accepted and do represent my country too. So, if I am boycotting Aamir Khan or his movies, I am basically boycotting my country’s work. I can neither do that to my country nor I can be that hypocrite. 🙂

So, in short, we collectively boycotted a person who surely contributed to the society. But what are we doing?

There is a common saying in Hindi,

एक ऊँगली उठाओगे तो दस तुम पर भी उठेंगी| (If you’ll point out someone once you will be pointed out ten times in return.)

I still don’t agree with Aamir’s statement and I still believe that he wasn’t right while talking about intolerance. He is a public figure and should understand that his statements may hurt people and their sentiments. But we can’t deny the fact that we are tolerant people. We tolerate anti-national slogans, we tolerate blasts, we tolerate all terror activities, we tolerate issues like foeticides, child sexual abuse, honor killings, and what not. So, why can’t we tolerate his statement JUST FOR ONCE and stop boycotting Aamir Khan and his movies?

In fact, if my readers still feel I am wrong and are not convinced then let’s do one thing. Aamir Khan made the statement and it was his personal opinion. So, do not boycott his work. If you really wish to boycott someone then it’s only Aamir’s opinions. But again, think twice before doing it. He also ideated a show, Satyamev Jayate. You are intelligent enough to make right choices. 🙂

And before I conclude, let me tell you… I am neither a PR person hired by Aamir or Satyamev Jayate’s team nor helping him to promote his upcoming movie, Dangal (You can check my professional profile here). I am just sorry for being intolerant on Aamir’s statement and glad that I never boycotted his movies. I keep publishing my personal opinions and views on this platform. I watched a talk video online so felt to share my views. That’s all.

The talk video is embedded below for you. Take a look once and think! Do we owe a chance to a person who is so talented and contributed in the society? Ain’t we behaving like an intolerant person now? Looking forward to your views in the comment box below. 🙂

Image Credit: Satyamev Jayate

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