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It Is This Small Town…


It is this small town of my dreams,
That melts my heart like an orange ice cream,
An ice cream that shared the innocence of a school bell,
Gave giggling girls a reason to jump in a blue school dress.

It is this small town of sleepless nights,
That took me to an ambitious ride,
It gave me a bed to relax and dream,
It gave me a corner to think, if it is worth for me.

It is this small town of choked streets,
That allowed me to jump my scooter on its concrete,
It made me fall and stubborn to ride,
It showed its confidence and love,
By staying at the corner of the roadside.

It is this small town of no lights,
Those power cuts and regular mosquito bites,
The patience of bearing the heat all night,
Clapping to kill the mosquitoes sitting aside.

It is this small town with no jobs,
It takes my complaints with a nod,
It taught me awesome business skills,
So what’s wrong,
If I am good with my grievance bills.

It is this small town with a beautiful lawn,
Covering the corner of my home,
A building with pastel walls and a red roof,
It has something that delights my mood.

So, it is this small town that may have a lot of flaws,
But it has a special pinch of all the awwwssss… 😀

Interested in listening the true story of a poet having a home at a small town? Go ahead! You may love it! 🙂

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