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True Story Of An Ignorant Small Town Girl

True Story Of An Ignorant Small Town Girl

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The Story of An Ignorant Small Town Girl (Transcription)

Today, I wish to share a true story… a story of a small town girl. Please don’t ask me her name or who is ‘her’ in this story. I want you to figure out. 🙂

She was a graduation student in one of the small towns of India. It was her last year in college. She was studying commerce and trust me, neither her grades were too cool to discuss, nor was her college. She was proud of none. But you know what? Her academic scores never stopped her dreaming. She had her own fantasy world. Whenever she wanted to fly she just used to pick her pen and a diary. Yes, her diary was the only true friend who knew every single thing about her. But her feelings were not easy to understand. Even her diary had to struggle hard. You know why? Because this bubbly girl for this outside world was a big time introvert about her feelings. She didn’t even share her feelings with her only friend, her diary. Although she used to give her hints through her 4 liners. 🙂

She was doing graduation in commerce but she was hardly interested in it. She just followed her parents, family, friends and close ones’ decision like any other Indian child. Though she has no regrets about it now. When she was in school, her textbooks were full of her own hindi four liners, commonly known as ‘sher’ in Hindi.

She knew she was not a poet. She just loved pouring her feelings over a piece of paper. She was quite clear that after her graduation she will be doing MBA and then a nice 9 to 6 job in an MNC. Her life looked so simple to her. Although it was not 🙂

She was always attracted towards creative things. But as many Indians believe creativity can be a hobby but not a profession, she was not different from anyone. Her life was like a boat which had two oars to row it. Right side was her ideal plan for a career and left side was her creative world which wanted her to take a left turn. So, she took a small move towards her left and while she was doing it she didn’t even realise that it was her first step towards her creative profession.

She came across a blogging platform. WordPress was not popular those days. Internet was new to Indians. Infact, she found herself fortunate that her father brought a personal computer for her and her brother. But as her brother was studying in some other city, she was the queen of her own small little world at home. It was ‘her’ PC. 😀

While surfing the internet, she came across (now Rediff blog) which was a blogging platform of Rediff. She read a couple of poems and blogs on this platform and instantly fell in love with it. She immediately signed up and started reading blogs. But then that special day arrived… when she broke her silence and started interacting with people across the globe through her blog. 12th March, 2007… this day changed her life.

As she was a shy girl, she had no courage to share her poems written in her diary. But she shared one of her creations. Along with her graduation, she was also a student of Arena Multimedia, an institute that provided education in graphic designing and animation. So, she shared one of the graphics that she had created. And then what next? People started sharing their thoughts about her creation. A bunch of strangers started appreciating her. It was these unknown people who pushed her to speak.

She was introduced to a new world which was professional and creative too. After all, first love is an addiction… either you lose it completely or you stay with it your whole life. And she chose to spend her life with this first love of writing.

As a good Indian ignorant small town girl, she joined MBA. She wanted to join Mass communication for masters but you know what, most of the times we choose the easy way and sometimes your close ones influence you to do so. Rediff changed its interface and she could hardly relate with it. She lost interest in RediffiLand. She tried hard to stick to that platform… so hard that she created three accounts… one after the other but could never used to it.

She started working after MBA and came across a profession called content developer. She loved the idea of becoming a professional content writer. She left her full time job in a nice company and started as a freelance writer. While she was working as a writer she again found her love which was lost. She started blogging on WordPress.

And now, after exactly 9 years she is sharing her story on her blog. Yes! It is my story. Vaidus World was born 9 years ago. I have no words to explain how I am feeling about these butterflies that are tickling my stomach when I look back. It is just awesome… This journey was not a fairy tale… it was surely a roller coaster ride and I totally loved it.

Thank you for reading and appreciating my blogs and poems. My audience is the sole reason for the existence of Vaidus World and this amazing journey of 9 years. I will try to keep it as innocent as it was on 12th March, 2007. I hope my blogs entertained you and will try my best to continue this roller coaster ride with you all.

Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Nice touching story of Vaidu’s life. ????????

    1. Thank you Neeraj! 🙂

  2. ha haa! Some people think being shy and introvert is weak. How foolish they are they do not understand the undercurrent that is pure and nondual!

    1. Oh, yes! Can’t agree more. 🙂

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