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An Open Letter To HRD Minister, Mrs. Smriti Z Irani

Open Letter

Dear Mam,

I am a student of Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication of IGNOU. I am writing this open letter to you after my continuous unsuccessful efforts of getting in touch with my regional center, study center and student inquiry centers through emails and phone calls. I am a working professional and am running a digital agency. I reside in Delhi but currently I am out of town for a meeting.

I submitted all my assignments on time and have receipts of the same. I was trying to track them online but it states that “Enrollment No.159880844 and Program PGJMC Assignment/Project/Practical Submission Status Not found.” I really wonder how is that possible. I can understand that I submitted 3 assignments on 19th March, 2016 so they might not be updated on the official web page but my first assignment was submitted on 21st Feb, 2016. As per the program guide given at the time of admission, I should have received the evaluated copy at home within a month. However, I am still waiting for one.

I was ready to submit my assignments in Jan, 2016 but when I went to IGNOU office of my study center for my first submission they suggested not to submit so early, as it may get mixed up with other courses.

Now, as I informed earlier I am not in Delhi so I tried submitting my examination fees through online portal of IGNOU. But as my assignments are yet not updated online so it doesn’t allow me to do so. I am forced to rush back to Delhi, leaving all my meetings for examination fees submission manually. IGNOU centers remain opened only on weekends so I have already lost the chance of visiting IGNOU office last week and without their verifications and signatures, I can not proceed with exam fee submission. The last date of submission of my batch was 31st March, 2016 so now I have to give late fee.

I would also like to bring to your knowledge that I dropped email to my regional center too on 22nd March, 2016. I tried calling all the numbers given in the directory of IGNOU, including my regional center’s number, student enquiry number, and study center number. None of my calls and emails were ever answered.

I, as a student is taking this courage of write an open letter to you about irresponsible behavior of such a huge open university of our country. I can surely pay my examination fee with some extra money added to it. I will also make number of visits to its regional center and my study center because I want to study. But Mam, I joined IGNOU as I am a working professional who wish to continue studies along with work. But joining IGNOU is not less than a pain to me. It asks for regular visits and unlimited number of unanswered calls and emails.

I, being an Indian student trust my HRD Minister. I hope after my open letter, relevant actions will be taken and IGNOU team will at least respond to the calls and emails of the students. We only expect a response. I am attaching screenshots of my email and the receipts of my assignments along with this message. My email screenshot will give you my enrollment number and all relevant information.

Looking forward to a positive response from IGNOU and my HRD Minister.

Thank you for your time.

Vaidehi Singh

Screenshot of my email

open letter with screenshot of email to RC Delhi 1, IGNOU

Screenshot of receipts of my submissions

open letter with receipt of Assignment 1 of IGNOU PGJMC course open letter with receipt of Assignment 2 of IGNOU PGJMC course

Screenshot of online status on IGNOU’s official page of my assignment submitted a month back

open letter with screenshot of IGNOU webpage of assignment evaluation

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