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Artist Works On The Abstract Of Imagination!

Artist Work On The Abstract Of Imagination

I am blogging from quite some time now. Whenever I write I give good 10-15 minutes to myself. A silent observation of the things happening around or happened earlier helps me to recollect my thoughts and give them words. A creative baby takes birth when I silently speak to my own self. 🙂

I strongly believe that when words fall short and we wish to stop thinking about life, that’s the moment when a writer’s imagination evolve to its best. Observing things and using the craft to portray it in unique ways is what an artist always craves for.

Examples of the views on artist’s work

  • When a painter starts painting and throws random strokes on the canvas, we sometimes find it weird because of our own ignorance.
  • When a photographer uses the camera to take a picture of an old man sitting on the roadside, we may find it silly… after all, what is so creative about clicking a picture of an old man?
  • When a dancer presents a performance with sheer perfection in dance moves as well as expressions, we find it so simple. ‘Oh, I can do that!’ … we all react like this, right?
  • When an interior designer suggests a lamp on a wall, we start complaining about our utility or may be wall shades. Isn’t it?
  • And how can I forget writers? When we love lyrics of any song, we may find it beautiful but many times complains about being it so simple.

But you know what? All the people in the audience always have one common thing… Ignorance! When we judge, we are usually ignorant of the art of an artist. We can’t understand it so we judge it to prove ourselves right. But we forget that no one is perfect.

If the artist is not an all-rounder, it is the best quality to have. They are the master of one art and not the jack of all. Similarly, people sitting in the audience are also not perfect. But they may have one quality which nobody else might have.

So, how about living the quality and skill that we possess? We all have it so we all can enjoy it. After all, art is an abstract of our own imagination presented through the skills. 🙂

3 responses to “Artist Works On The Abstract Of Imagination!”

  1. Fortunately Human Avatar
    Fortunately Human

    10-15 minutes are bit less… for the type of post you write…isn’t it?

    1. Well, it varies for different posts. 🙂

      Also, 10-15 minutes are only for recollecting the thoughts and working on the raw ideations. The completion may take a little longer. Thanks for your comment. Means a lot! 🙂

      1. Fortunately Human Avatar
        Fortunately Human

        I also hoped so….my pleasure….V@idehi….

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