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Announcement: Learn With Me!

announcement learn from me

Hey friends,

First of all my apologies for not publishing any blog post on Vaidus World for such a long time.

Well! As you all know, for me Vaidus World is like one digital space helping to express to the best of my abilities. And today, I have an announcement to make.

I have launched another blog for you all! 😀

Yes! So now you know the reason for this delayed blog post. I am not a techie and do not bring any technical background and degrees. But I always loved technology and open-source software. Therefore, my love for WordPress was obvious.

And today, I can proudly flaunt my new blog, Marketing Singh, developed by me. I, being a digital professional, keep meeting people having a number of questions on digital marketing. So, I decided to answer their questions through my new blog.

Marketing Singh is a digital marketing blog and will cover tips and tutorial around all major subjects areas of Digital Marketing. I will also write on WordPress as I believe many bloggers like me wish to learn this awesome platform. So, if you too is willing to learn Digital Marketing and WordPress for free, consider giving my new blog a look. I have also given a button link (‘Learn From Marketing Singh’) on the above menu. Using this button link, you can visit my new blog and start learning as soon as you want.

Subscribe Marketing Singh

Last but not the least, I will soon publish a creative blog on Vaidus World. 🙂

Thanks for all the love and support!



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