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World Revolving Around Women


world-revolving-around-womenWhen you wake up in the morning, there is a voice which works as your alarm. Do you remember whose voice is that? Yes! It’s your mother’s voice. She is the one who comes with a smile in your room and let you welcome the new day. She is the one who cook delicious food and let your taste buds rest with its choice. Women cook food for family, keep home neat and clean, make sure that all small needs are fulfilled for the kids and other family members, work and struggles in her own career. But do you actually remember, that which was last time you saw her hanging out with her friends? When was the last time, she was giving time to herself?

Women play vital roles. Sometimes she is a lovely caring mother; sometimes she is your sister or a friend who keep on motivating you in your tough times while sometimes she is your lover who loves you unconditionally. And the list of the roles she plays does not end here. If you see carefully, your world is surrounded by her.

It is generally seen and noted that women cry easily and most of the time which give a chance to few people to make fun of women. But as per many doctors and health specialist tears are actually good for health as it reduces stress, reduces the chance of bacterial infection in eyes and protects eyes from acidic fumes and irritants prevailing from the foreign bodies like dust etc. Ironically, it proves that women are much stronger and health conscious than men. Right?

So, do you still think that women are not strong enough and are made for tears? Don’t you feel that your life revolves around women, right from birth till you die? Give a 5 minutes time to these questions and your answer will surely be yes and you will find her as one of the most precious gift given by God to you.

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