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10 Reasons For A Girl To Say Its Enough Now


10-reasons-for-a-girl-to-say-its-enough-nowIts 21st century now n we all are really proud of being a wonderful nation, advanced medical science and technologies used in the country. Always keeping an eye on stock exchange to keep ourselves updated of current position of market and business world, earning money and why we should not do all this … After all, we are contributing in country’s national income (NI) in one way or the other, Right?? If you guys think in the same way and if your answer is Yes, then let me tell you that it is a big NO. All of us who thinks that we are contributing in NI and completing are duties are nothing but just FOOLS!

All these things which are mentioned above can be a requirement of a developing country but its not the necessity of a peaceful nation. It can make a rich country but it can not make a wonderful peaceful nation.

Well, this is not a blog about a country or about the drawbacks of a country. It’s about one mindset which is not changed from years and still a lot of individuals are facing problems because of this mindset which need to be changed.

SOCIETY … What is it?? Can anyone explain? Group of few people who judges your deeds or a set of those individuals who make rules for everyone and changes the same when it comes to them. Who compliments you when you live your life on their terms and in a way they want to see you and obviously comment on you if you do something against them or we can say against the rules made by them .

  1. When a girl want to explore her skills in some fields like modeling, acting, corporate world, politics and many more then she have to think twice because she is the reflection of her family, her values, her upbringing and so on. But if a boy wants to join politics or want to explore his skills in similar fields (which are mentioned above) then he is allowed, WHY? Is that because he’s a guy n he can go anywhere he want to? He can visit those places also where a girl cant go. Then my question is “which is that place where girls cant visit? And if there are some places like this then who made it??”
  2. When a young girl may be someone studying in 9th or 10th standard wish to visit her friend’s place then she have to take the permission of her parents first and then she can go. But if a guy of the same age want to have fun with his friends then he just go for some movie etc. immediately after his tutions and after coming to home when he is asked, he simply answers I was with friends and parents also don’t feel anything wrong in it n don’t object about it .WHY??
  3. If a girl wish to leave her home and want to go to some new place for her further studies or job then she is asked 1000’s of questions and not only this but she is suggested with some other career options prevailing in her city. But when a boy leaves his home after getting married and want to settle somewhere else with his wife then parents adjust or make up their mind “that it happens and son should be given space after marriage” .. WHY??
  4. MARRIAGE, A big word! In arrange marriages boy visit girl’s place to see the girl and rejects if he don’t like anything in her. Now it can be looks, nature, qualification, height or anything but if a girl don’t likes a guy then she have to listen loads of qualities of that guy and lectures about adjustments from her OWN family … WHY??
  5. If a boy flirts with a girl or misbehaves with a girl then it’s the mistake of that particular girl that she is wearing some short or revealing dress. But is it that difficult to understand and see that its the girl who was the victim and not the guy? How can a girl or her dress be blamed for it? Well Indian dress, SAREE is considered to be one of the most elegant and traditional dresses in the country; however, the same dress exposes most of the body areas of a girl but since it is a traditional dress so it can never be revealing one .. rite??
  6. If a guy smokes or drinks then he’s scolded may be once, twice or thrice but then afterwards parents give up considering that its his life and of course its not wrong if its done occasionally. But if a girl do so, then she is boycotted from the family and sometimes from the society she’s living in. WHY??
  7. If a girl have a liking or attraction towards a guy and if her family come to know about it and objects on it then of course objection means a full stop to her studies, her career and her social life with her other friends too. But if a boy in a family have some similar feelings for other girl then may be he’s scolded for a couple of time, he’s suggested to get out of such relationship but his career or studies or his social life with his other friends are never affected by such things. At least his family never do this with him. WHY?? Is the girl whom your son is dating is not a daughter of some other family??
  8. Character is the most valuable jewel a girl has but if she gets attracted towards some guy then not only her character but her dignity, her self-respect, her identity is kicked, violated and sometimes questioned by her own family members. WHY??
  9. If a girl don’t feel that she is prepared for marriage or if she want to marry after a certain age or after being professionally successful then she’s questioned and everyone feels that she might be going on with some affair.. WHY?? Is marriage an end of her life?? Or marriage gives her a character certificate??
  10. Today also in many places when a lady is pregnant she is scared and wish that she give birth to a baby boy because still there are lots of places in country where a girl child is killed. WHY?? Was your mom not a daughter?

Well, there are hundreds of questions like this which a girl always faces in her life and nobody give answers. I want to know why?? Why this society never give answers?? If some rules are made then they should be followed at both ends honestly.

Girls are always denoted with few goddesses and one common phrase which is always repeated is “women are more powerful then men emotionally and mentally”. I just want to know that is this phrase made, so that society can dominate on girls?? And if she questions something then this phrase can be used to boost her inner self and confidence to face some more nonsense of this hypocrite society?

This blog is not written for encouraging girls to fight against such nonsense at all. I’m no one to give you strength to fight back. It’s within u. Your anger, your unfulfilled wishes and these questions which you are facing everyday is your strength.

Now you will not cry and will not tolerate any kind of nonsense. You will not end up blaming your own destiny. WHY should you?? It’s a woman who gives birth to such hypocrites because of whom whole society is questioned. Everyone should be aware of the fact that if a girl can give you love, strength and life then she can also beat you hard like your mother to show you the right path.

We have stopped proving ourselves every time and everyone should know that Its Enough Now!

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  1. Wow very nice job done Vaidehi…keep it up !!!

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