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Radio Jockeying Over Medical Science


It was lunch time and Mrs. Geetha Joshi, a single mother of her only son, Niketan, was yelling on him on the lunch table.

His mother angrily asked him “You are the topper of your school. Biology is the subject which fetched you maximum marks and you want to spend your life speaking like a fool on air? Really! Is this your ambition?”.

radio-jockeying-over-medical-scienceNiketan took a pause and replied with a sigh, “No! I chose radio jockeying as my career because I want to be a voice for every listener who will spread smiles and make people laugh, sing and dance. And above all, I want to be a voice of my mother who brought me up with dignity and on her own terms.”

Mrs. Geetha Joshi : *Silent*

Niketan continued, “Mom! Today you are judging me like people judged you long back. You opted to become a nurse when my father expired, so that I can study and live a happy life. Now, tell me one thing. Shall I also set an example for my kids in future like you did, by choosing radio jockeying as my career or shall I just abide by you?”

Mrs. Geetha Joshi watched him carefully and the final words dropped from her lips, “Which mass communications college are you joining?”

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