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Social Media Became My Fight Club

Social Media Became My Fight Club

Social Media! Or let’s be more specific. Facebook! How many hours of your day do you give to this social media channel? Well! For me it’s like standing on tips all day round and I have an obvious reason for it. I am running a content and digital agency, Jeet eSolutions. So, if in case I am not available on Facebook or any other social channel like Twitter, G+, LinkedIn or Pinterest etc. then my phone takes over the responsibility of reminding me with the notifications.

A few months ago I was surfing Facebook as my daily job and like any normal person, I was lost in the personal updates and news feeds. I came across an image which popped up on my news feed which one of my friend liked. You can see it below.


Personally, I found it a little weird because of the statement which this girl is holding. It says, ‘Isse pehle ki ladki muh kaala karva de, iski shaadi karva do’ (It means, ‘before this girl ruins her family’s reputation, get her married’). I found it weird because I have not seen this kind of mentality around me. I am a 30 years old unmarried girl who is pursuing a career of her choice and is not made only for marriage. My family or friends never made me realise this.

While I was looking into this image, one comment made by some Anurag Rai grabbed my attention. His comment was a direct hit on all girls and pointed every girl as characterless. Look! I do not care what any individual thinks about an image on Facebook nor do I care about what a person thinks about someone else. But if you are pointing on all  girls then it includes me as well. And dude! I have not given a right to anyone to call me characterless. 🙂

So, I came out of my comfort zone and posted a reply on his comment. I am saying that I came out of my comfort zone because I hardly comment on such posts. For me, they are a piece of update made for marketing purpose. I just asked a simple question to this intelligent guy, Anurag Rai, ‘what about characterless boys?’ and before he could reply, an ample number of likes and comments dropped on the same thread in my favour.

Apart from this reply I also commented individually on this post and trust me that it was the best thing I did. Like any other coward, Anurag initially replied on my messages but then after seeing so many response against him he removed his comment. However, you can still see my another comment which I posted separately on this picture.


As you can see I have clearly mentioned that this comment is the response of Anurag Rai’s comment still a lot of people gave amazing silly responses. You can find the screenshot of one of my favourite comments below.


I was really shocked to see this kind of a response. I mean Nirbhaya case was one such case where all of us stood together and here this man was pointing out her relationship. In fact, if you will view this complete thread then you will also find him saying, ‘mujhe zada nahi pata nirbhaya case ka’. I mean if you don’t know then why do speak this shit? How can you?

I can speak endlessly on this particular incident which I encountered on Facebook. But I want my readers to decide whether I took a right stand or not. You can go through the complete thread by clicking here.

I would love to know what my readers think about it? Do you also think that I was wrong and all girls are characterless?

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