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Depression Patient? It’s alright, you are normal!

depression patient

It is generally said that ‘Tears fall either due to pain and grief or because of extreme happiness’. But are these the only reasons that force those small drops to fall on the cheeks? No! Sometimes they fall without reasons too and that is the first sign of entering an ugly world of depression. People around depression patients may find it normal and a minimal mood swing but it’s really a matter of concern. It should never be ignored.

Some time back I watched a Bollywood movie, ‘Dear Zindagi’. This movie focussed on every small struggle that we deal with in our daily lives. We subconsciously know that there is something which is not normal… something that is bothering us… in fact, bothering us so much that it leads to depression. Do you know it may even force the patient to commit suicide? And the worst part is depression enters in our life without taking prior permissions. It hides so well that we often don’t identify that it is killing the wisdom and power of our brain. But why am I writing all this?

She must be suffering from depression.

I’ll not be surprised if you think so. 🙂 But tell me one thing. Does this even matter? I mean, what will you get from this blog? How does it even matter to you if I am a depression patient or not? Am I an expert who can help a depression patient? No! I am not. But I am aware of this disease. I know that it is just a disease… just like fever, cough, headache etc. It is not something that shouldn’t be talked about. It doesn’t make the patient mad. Doctors will not take the depression patient to the asylum. Then why are we scared of discussing it? Why??

Today, I watched a YouTube video. It was from The Live Love Laugh Foundation founded by the Bollywood superstar, Deepika Padukone. A video that went live on YouTube on Oct 2016 with the hashtag, #DobaraPoocho, to spread awareness about depression.

It is a must watch for each one of us. After all, we are so busy that we even forget to see what is happening to us.

I always believe that my blog is my space and way to interact with the world.  When I write, I speak too. Yes, I really do. Even right now I am speaking. Speaking to the people who are reading my blog is good, you know. It converts my words into emotions and let me interact with all of you. 🙂

This is my way to keep myself happy. Why talk to one person and not to so many sitting on the other corner of the screen. 😀

What is your way to keep your happiness intact? 🙂

Image credit: The Live Love Laugh Foundation

3 responses to “Depression Patient? It’s alright, you are normal!”

  1. Fortunately Human Avatar
    Fortunately Human

    blogs are the diary pages….what we feel we key them in….so people may derive something….fine….the message of the lines need to be understood….than the blogger….and…Dear Zindagi….a nice movie…with an exceptional message….

    1. Wow! Beautifully explained. Thanks for writing. 🙂

      1. Fortunately Human Avatar
        Fortunately Human

        my pleasure….regards…

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