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Black: Her Color Of Joy


She had a date today. Yeah, a blind one at that. However, Priya’s heart and mind were not aligned. She felt excited for a moment and then suddenly sadness engulfed her. It was her mother Manju, and one of her friends, who had set this date for her. While she frantically rummaged through the heaps of clothing, she just could not pick the perfect dress. Manju could sense Priya’s silence… it was deafening!! A mother knows her daughter in and out, and Manju had resolved to help Priya move forward… it was time… she thought.

She selected a floral short dress for Priya. It was just perfect, she mentioned. But neither was Priya listening nor her frantic search stopped. Suddenly, the room fell silent, as Priya got her hands on what she was looking for since the last half an hour. With tears brimming her eyes she held onto a Little Black Dress, gifted to her by Gary on their first wedding anniversary three years back. Priya had thought of wearing the dress on their next dinner date to Lorezo, their favorite Italian Restaurant.

Gary died the next day of their anniversary, in a freak car accident just outside their home.

Since then the color Black engulfed Priya’s entire life.

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