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तलाश Hindi Poem

यूँ ही तेरा हँस देना, फिर अचानक कुछ रूठ जाना, मेरी खिल्ली उड़ाना, फिर पीछे पड़कर मना लेना, हाथ थामने कि तुझसे ज़िद्द करना, एक नासमझ से हठ करना, गुस्सा होकर मेरा सो जाना, हथेली कि गर्माहट माथे पर महसूस करना |   तू प्यार है किसी और का, तेरी दोस्ती है मेरी, तेरी ज़िद्द…

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She had a date today. Yeah, a blind one at that. However, Priya’s heart and mind were not aligned. She felt excited for a moment and then suddenly sadness engulfed her. It was her mother Manju, and one of her friends, who had set this date for her. While she frantically rummaged through the heaps…

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Today, I am sharing a YouTube video of Iqbal Ashhar Ji with the title ‘उर्दू है मेरा नाम’.

I’m quite active on social media and today while I was surfing Twitter, I found Rana Safvi Ji. She pinned one of her tweets and it looked interesting to me. It was her blog post, My name Is Urdu and I am not a Muslim. Now you know why I opened it. 🙂 The title in itself is so interesting and true… something that I strongly believe in.

You must read this blog. It will open the pores of your brain and will give you strong facts and reasons to love Urdu just as a beautiful language. It has nothing to do with any religion and it’s just a ‘pure beauty’. 🙂

Thank you, Rana Safvi Ji for sharing it. Just trying to spread a word about the beauty of this language. 🙂