creative punch

तलाश Hindi Poem

यूँ ही तेरा हँस देना, फिर अचानक कुछ रूठ जाना, मेरी खिल्ली उड़ाना, फिर पीछे पड़कर मना लेना, हाथ थामने कि तुझसे ज़िद्द करना, एक नासमझ से हठ करना, गुस्सा […]


She had a date today. Yeah, a blind one at that. However, Priya’s heart and mind were not aligned. She felt excited for a moment and then suddenly sadness engulfed […]

goodbye 2016

One more year is gone… one more year has just begun. I want to write this blog with full honesty and when I say this, I mean to turn each […]