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‘उर्दू है मेरा नाम’ By Iqbal Ashhar

urdu hai mera naam Iqbal Ashhar

Today, I am sharing a YouTube video of Iqbal Ashhar Ji with the title ‘उर्दू है मेरा नाम’.

I’m quite active on social media and today while I was surfing Twitter, I found Rana Safvi Ji. She pinned one of her tweets and it looked interesting to me. It was her blog post, My name Is Urdu and I am not a Muslim. Now you know why I opened it. 🙂 The title in itself is so interesting and true… something that I strongly believe in.

You must read this blog. It will open the pores of your brain and will give you strong facts and reasons to love Urdu just as a beautiful language. It has nothing to do with any religion and it’s just a ‘pure beauty’. 🙂

Thank you, Rana Safvi Ji for sharing it. Just trying to spread a word about the beauty of this language. 🙂

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