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Perfection: With Or Without Boundaries?

boundless perfection

We run for perfection … we crave to reach the highest peak of it. But is this word ‘perfect’ enough to get achieved by anyone? We often attain one pre-defined goal of our life and immediately create another one to accomplish. Well! I guess it is right to say,

Perfection doesn’t exist… it has no boundaries!

We all know this word is an illusion in itself. It is not more than a goal that we all make for ourselves and wishes to achieve. We know that we are born with imperfections. Our capacity to achieve our pre-defined goals is limited but we still run after it. In fact, the funniest part is we expect our friends, family, colleagues, and partners to be perfect too. We don’t define goals only for us but also for our loved ones. Why? What will we get out of it?

Oh, yes! I agree that we need a destination if we wish to reach to our favorite place… we definitely need a thriving force to pat our back and tell, ‘C’mon, get up! Move on… this isn’t the end.’ But don’t we get confused between our desires of achieving something with perfection?

We certainly wish to get the best for us and there is nothing wrong in it. We all should fight like true warriors to achieve them but it is also essential to identify the destination. After all, running blindly will lead us to no man’s land. Right? 🙂

I know I raised numerous questions and maybe, confused my readers too. But we all ask these questions to ourselves once in life. After all, we all wish to measure our success but do we have a weighing tool to calculate our success rate? I couldn’t find any. If you find one, please let me know. I am eagerly waiting to measure my life’s journey. 😉

P.S. Embedding a beautiful YouTube video complementing this blog post. Thanks for sharing this, Hari! 🙂

8 responses to “Perfection: With Or Without Boundaries?”

  1. Very thought-provoking post, Vaidehi. Often the concept of success in life, and achieving goals is coated by the ‘fair’ (if you will pardon my pun) paint of perfection – which is far from reality!

    I personally believe that a person only becomes ‘perfect’ when they embrace their imperfections. In order for a person to shine in life (both person, and professional) they should first accept, and embrace their imperfections. Once they do so, they are closer to being perfect, than anyone else! Imperfections define character, and often; it’s the little imperections – the bad decisions, the features of our body that we are not proud about, those figments of our character which we are not fond of; that lead us to the right path; the path to bliss, joy, and happiness. 🙂

    1. Oh My God! You just wrote an excerpt of my blog post… explained it so well. 😀

      Thank you so much for writing this comment. Means a lot. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the kind words, Vaidehi! 🙂

        You should perhaps check this video out, btw:

        1. Oh, I saw it long back and shared on my timelines too. It’s outstanding. Thanks for sharing once again. 🙂

        2. 🙂 Never get tired of watching that video!

          1. I think I should embed this in the post. Thanks for sharing and giving me the idea. 😛

  2. Love this! Too awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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