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I, Vaidus, interacts with the audience's heart and I'm glad that it's been a great talkative journey till date. Vaidus World is my baby and it has been recognized by a few awards and events. I have been called to share my experiences, speak, and judge in some conferences too. This category will cover all of them. Thank you so much for the love. :)


**If you are not comfortable with Hinglish, please read this blog in English here. Udaipur, the lake city! हम सब इस शहर को lakes, palaces, beauty, और ideal travel destination की तरह जानते हैं| गलत भी क्या है? ये शहर है ही इतना ख़ूबसूरत| पर मेरे लिए ये शहर एक नया कदम लेके आया था……

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कैसा लगेगा आपको अगर आपकी सबसे पसंदीदा online community पर कोई conference हो और आपको वहाँ जाने का मौका मिले? या फिर कैसा लगेगा आपको जब उसी conference में आप speaker बनकर जायें| आपका तो पता नहीं पर मैं बहुत excited हूँ| आप सोच रहे होंगे कि आज Vaidu Hinglish में कैसे blog कर रही…

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My today’s blog is about Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016, an award that helps to find and recognize best blogs across the globe. It gives special accreditation to the bloggers of Ireland. Around a month ago, I came across this outstanding initiative and instantly fell in love. Earlier, I was a little sad that it recognizes only…

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First experience is always a special one and today, it is a special day for me and my blog. Vaidus World is special to me. It is a place where I can shout and put my views in front of the world without giving a single thought to what people will think about it… A…

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