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Man I Admire Most In Life


There was man walking on road with a stick in his hand. He was in his 60’s but was still fit n smart enough to carry his family well and steadily. Never ending smile on the face was one of the most attracting features of this man. He was tall, half bald, fit and most loving man I have ever seen. This man was my grandpa. The man I adore most!

My grandpa meant Head Of My Family. But for me, he was nothing more than a magician who gave all comforts to me, my father and my whole family. A man who dedicated all his life in fulfilling all dreams of his children n grandchildren. A man who didn’t know the meaning of NO .. He never said no for any of our demands.

Pa used to tell us that when he was a kid his grandpa brought him a small horse just because he wanted to have a ride on a horse. My grandpa never gave me such costly gifts and you know why because I was never so lucky. I was in 4th standard when my grandpa died.

It was midnight when our phone rang. Pa received it and within few minutes his expressions changed. He was stunned to hear the news. Next day I was having an exam so nobody told me about the unexpected crisis on our family. Pa told me that dadaji is not well and they have to leave immediately. I was crying as I was too small and never had a habit of living without my parents. It was the 1st time when my parents left me and my brother at home alone. I didn’t even saw my grandpa for the last time. He went without telling me. I spent my childhood with my grandpa. But don’t remember any of the moments which I shared with him. I was too small for that.

It was always like a heavy fog spreading it’s arms over my most memorable and special moments. The time which I spent with the only person I admire in life. I still remember his childish laugh. As far as I remember, he was never been a complete DADAJI kind image among any of the kids in the family. He was always like a friend and a small kid who always had fun playing with us. We cousins, never required a friend because we were having one at home. A friend who always played with us and always showered his unconditional love over us. In fact, he was like our all time ATM machine. We kids just had to name something and it was our magician who used to buy and get us our small requirements of sweets n chocolates.

Today, I’m writing so much about him but the truth is I don’t remember every moment which I shared with him. He was always there with me when I needed him being a child but I am so helpless that today when I understand his importance in my life I don’t have him; however, he’s always with me like a shadow, a shadow which keeps me protected from SHADOWS… shadows of hatred… shadows of evils… I really enjoy talking about him with my father and listening same incidents again and again and sharing those small sweet moments which pa also enjoy telling us. Not only pa but mom also tells us how he used to talk to her non-stop. How he used to ask about her sisters and brothers with the same speed of repetition. Mom always tell us that he was never been a typical father-in-law. This man filled the space of a father in my mother’s life after her marriage. These small incidents narrated by my parents introduced my grandpa to me. Now, at least I can experience his presence … his soul …

There’s a lot more I can write about him n about my love for him ..pages can fill but my emotions will never end so here’s the end of my new blog. In fact, I would say it is the beginning of my dreams which I have seen for him …

Miss You Dadaji! 🙁

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