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Happy Birthday To Me!


July, a month when monsoon knocks your door in India. Now imagine, you are a school going kid and your birthday lies in the first week of July, a time when most of the schools have their last round of summer vacations. So, you can’t celebrate it with your friends at school and not at your home also as it is raining outside. So how will your friends visit your place in this rain?

This was my situation when I was a kid. I hardly celebrated my birthdays in school. In fact, I’ll be honest while sharing this that being a kid I used to be a little jealous of my mates. My mates used to come in their fancy beautiful dresses on their birthday. But I never got a chance to wear such informal dresses on my birthday in school.

I am 30 now and it has been 5 years that I am working in this busy city, Delhi. But you know what? My first best ever birthday was celebrated in 2011 in my first company. My besties arranged all those lovely gifts and surprises for me. I still remember that conference room where they called me, saying that they need to discuss something with me in a very serious tone and then gave me all those surprise gifts, one day before my birthday. 😀 That birthday was actually full of surprises and life.

IMG_6420It has been 4 years now and life has changed so much. This year my birthday was again a very special one. It was my first birthday with my cutest devil, Vyom. He is my 5 months old nephew, who shower his love with his twinkling eyes and such a sweet smile. This birthday was more peaceful than any other birthday. I can see my childhood in his naughty eyes. 🙂

Here, I usually publish either Hindi poems or blogs which have some social messages. But I believe sometimes you need a more relaxed and easy going casual blog. A blog where you can share your simplest yet amazing experiences with your readers. I always believe in taking a stand for right things in life, so I publish blogs which have social messages. And because these blogs are on social issues so most of the time they show the ugly side of the society. But how about just sharing an awesome birthday experience? 🙂

Hanging out with friends for whole day and an awesome dinner to the fullest with your family… What else you need? So, here is another blog where I want to thank all my friends and family who wished me and started my year in an awesome manner. Thank you sooooooo… much! 🙂

And yes, if you are reading this and you forgot to wish me on my birthday then get ready to be punished by me. 😛

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