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Tremble: A Word That Defines Me!


Today’s daily prompt word is ‘ Tremble ’… something that I feel every time I am emotional. Oh, yes! I do fall short of words. In fact, the chatterbox residing within me go numb. People presume me to be an extrovert but whoever knows me, know very well how introvert I am about my own emotions. I lock my lips and throw the key in the ‘well of my heart’. After all, I am a tough one to deal with in such situations. 🙂

So, here are a few words for today’s prompt. I couldn’t write more as the word in itself is so emotional for me. It describes Vaidu in the truest form. 🙂

Crying, weeping, and flowing emotions,
Are not meant for me,
Hiding, burying, and trembling,
Truly completes me.

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