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Open Letter From An Indian To Indians Living Abroad


Today, I will start my blog with a few questions… questions which are really important to those who accept to answer them. (You don’t need to answer to me but your own self. Take them in the written series only.)

  • Do you love traveling?
  • Have you ever visited abroad?
  • Are you working/studying abroad?
  • Would you like to settle down permanently in some other country than yours?
  • Do you love your native place (country)?

I don’t need answers from you. I raised these questions because I wanted you to answer yourself. Now, why did I ask these questions?

I am an Indian. My country is popular globally for its culture, beauty, heritage, and immense love and respect given to each religion, caste, and creed. I know some of you may not agree with this and it’s fine. I will not waste my energy in changing your perception. You have all the rights to have an opinion. But today, I am raising all these questions for those Indians who have settled abroad and are embarrassed about India.

I came across a few people (Indians) who went to other countries either for further studies or due to professional reasons. You know it is always good to visit other countries too. And I don’t find it wrong if someone wishes to settle down in some other country. It’s one’s own choice. However, I feel hurt when someone starts looking down to their native place after moving to another country. Yes, I found a few of them.

And today, I am writing an open letter to all of you (Indians) who are living abroad and started looking down at India. Hope it doesn’t hurt you as I have no intentions to do so.


I always wanted to talk to you. I wanted to tell you what I feel when you show embarrassment for every small event happening in our country. But I didn’t and you know why? Because our country’s constitution gives some fundamental rights to all the Indians. And out of all, one very important right is ‘right to speech and expression’. I respect it so I heard all your complaints quietly. I respect your opinion but you should also understand that I am an Indian too. So, I too hold this right to speak my heart loud and clear.

I know you might not consider yourself an Indian anymore. You may not even tell your cool friends about your birth place. You may find it embarrassing to speak about India. And in case you have citizenship of any other country, you will proudly declare that you are not an Indian, irrespective of the fact that you are and will always be called as someone from Indian origin.

I do not want to argue on the flaws of my country as I know they exist and we are still a developing nation. But is there any country which is absolutely ‘perfect’?

I heard you criticizing our country on certain issues so I wish to highlight my views on them. Do you mind me telling what I feel about your perceptions? I’m sure you won’t. You call yourself unorthodox. So, here I go! 🙂

Open Sex Discussions

Well, you complained about it so I started with this discussion. 😀

Yes, I agree that we do not discuss it openly. I will not give you any reasons to defend it in the name of culture, respect, or regards to elders. I too don’t believe in these lame excuses. In fact, personally speaking, I too discuss it with family and friends sometimes. However, I also know that there are a few people who don’t… but everyone is not same. So, please stop generalizing.

Anyways, I always wanted to ask this question to you. Why are you so excited to talk about it? I mean, we are fine to discuss it but why getting desperate? You know what? You think that you can trick people but you actually can’t. Calling it a taboo again and again with the hope to discuss it more and ultimately, trying hard to flirt with another Indian whom you underestimated is not cool. I understand that we (Indians living in India) are attractive but if you like us, just tell us. Why hiding your face behind a taboo that you created? 😉

You know your desperation to discuss it always, makes you look like a teenager who wants to grab every information about it. Grow up! It’s a physical need and we all know it. We are open to discussing it but not always. And you never know… your excitement about discussing sex may leave an impression of a ‘desperate person’ on someone you like. 😉 😀


Why do you become a ‘Surprised Smiley’ ( 😮 ) when hearing about a virgin Indian? I am sure virgin people live in other countries too. And when you get surprised about it, you actually appreciate another taboo, ‘Virginity is a big deal!’ Really?

Staying a virgin is not always due to culture. It is a personal choice. I can say that because I am an Indian woman and nobody ever questioned me about my virginity status in this country. It really doesn’t matter. It’s a personal choice of every individual (belonging to any country). It has nothing to do with the nation.

So, will you please stop overreacting and judging our intellects based on our ‘Virginity Status’? For god sake, stop being kiddish and learn to accept people’s choices. I’m sure even the other citizens of the country you live in, will agree with me.

Living In Past!

I know that it has been a decade that we are facing many societal problems. But we overcame a few of them too. Remember Sati Pratha? It’s abolished long back. Similarly, there are many issues prevailing currently which will abolish with time.

Things change with time but it always has its own speed. We can not ask people to run faster than the time. It is not possible. But we can at least try to bring some change. Our government and people are collectively working in this regard. But it takes a good enough time to clean the mess.

I request you to help us clearing the mess and not increase it. You can simply do it by not judging us. Your judgemental opinions will show a wrong India to your friends coming from other countries. So, least you can do is try showing both sides of the coin.

Doubting The Skills Of Indians Living In India

There are already many bloggers, writers, and columnists who have written in this regard. We have already given you a list of Indians who started here and are now leading in other countries.

I don’t want to repeat it. However, I wish to tell you one simple thing. You were born here and got the opportunity to visit different countries and utilize your knowledge and skills to its best. But remember, even encyclopedias are incomplete without alphabets. The authors use these alphabets (taught in the first few years of their life) to publish a book full of knowledge.

You also must have learned the first word in this country. Respect it!

And last but not the least, please allow your brain to think wisely else you will become that one ‘hypothetically created orthodox Indian’ whom you criticize today. 🙂

Lots Of Love & Best Wishes,

An Unorthodox Indian Living In India

9 responses to “Open Letter From An Indian To Indians Living Abroad”

  1. Confused Thoughts Avatar
    Confused Thoughts

    Mam you have written bitter truth , we proud to be indian , the way you have written this letter , a big salute to you
    Really we love our culture and we are comfortable with it even we don’t care what other country people think about it .if we will change or no one in india will not accept our old culture then why tourist will b here for watching incredible india .
    Huge respect from bottom of heart 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Means a lot to me. 🙂

      1. Confused Thoughts Avatar
        Confused Thoughts

        Your welcome mam !
        I always read your posts because you write so well but unfortunately I can’t make comments by my wordpress smartphone app 😐
        I had to open your post in web browser .

        1. Oh ok… that’s strange. I always comment through WordPress app. Do you get any specific error? You mind sharing the screenshot with me at Maybe it is some error or bug in my blog as it is self-hosted. Please share it with me. It will be of great help. 🙂

          1. Confused Thoughts Avatar
            Confused Thoughts

            For sure I will share because I only see like option there , it may be your blog setting because it gives the option that you want comment or don’t want !
            Thank you for giving response and please wait with in 10 min my email will be there with screenshot

          2. Thank you! I received it. I will see what is the problem at my end. 🙂

          3. Confused Thoughts Avatar
            Confused Thoughts

            Thank you mam

  2. Naveen Gamini Avatar
    Naveen Gamini

    Another well written blog..I have few friends who fall under that category.. each country has its own issues… I think accepting the flaws of our country is the first step that has immense power to dig in and will lead into finding small steps to make the change.. I am living in USA from last 17 yrs.. what I found is that each country thinks they are very special and awesome and are not willing to see or accept the issues and what kind of learning we can do from other countries.. India is changing as we have patience, capacity to accept flaws, and courage/love to make change .. People like you deserve a standing applaud 🙏👏👏..I have seen lot of Indian people are quite active in Quora where those shower their wisdom.. I learnt a lot by staying here in USA and I owe to India for making my roots strong and I owe to this country as it made me to expand my horizons.. thanks for another great blog..

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂

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