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Story Of A Friend And A Cancer Survivor!


Remember that one friend who joined your school for just 1-2 years? The one whose parent were transferred to your city? We all make such friends … they just come in your life in a hurry, touch your soul, and then move to another city to bring happiness in someone else’s life. And then as time passes, we lose touch and life moves on at its own pace.

I am an alumnus of St. Mary’s, Moradabad. Like many of us, I too made friends who came in my life like a pleasant breeze and left leaving some fond memories behind. But thanks a ton to Facebook… it’s not difficult to find old mates these days.

A few days ago, I came across the Facebook profile of one of the craziest girls, Vanshaja who was obviously my friend. After all, I am one hell of a crazy woman so definitely my friends are equally crazy. Huh! Alright, I admit. She is not crazy… I am. She is far more disciplined than me and I’ll tell you why I am saying this.

We were in the same class. When I think of her, a few moments flash in front of my eyes. Her loud voice, that never ending panic expression on her face when the class used to shout at its highest vocal note, and her carefree loud laugh. She was one ‘Monster Monitor’ of the class who apparently always remained in the good books of the teachers because of her discipline, honesty etc. etc… Oh, yes! I envied you, Vanshaja. 🙄 I was never in the good books of any of the teachers but that’s alright … I know you were a hidden monster too. 😛 😀

But you know what? To me, Vansahaja means that honest girl who didn’t write a word in an exam because she took a small help from a friend in the previous exam.

And when I asked her,

Why did you do that? Are you mad? It’s ok. You will not do it again but why do you want to punish yourself by not writing in another exam? What will you get out of it?

To this, she replied,

If I will not punish myself today, I’ll not be able to have a good sleep and will never forgive myself.

Yes, she wanted to punish herself because she just confirmed her answer from one of the schoolmates sitting close to her. How many of us ever thought like this when we were in school? Let me rephrase it… how many of us were so honest to ourselves at that age? I wasn’t! In fact, I remember while saying this she was smiling and I was quiet. My questions were answered but I still felt bad. I knew she was an outstanding student and red marks don’t look good to us. In fact, during academics, we usually run after grades but she chose honesty over grades. She inspired me. I genuinely felt blessed to have her as a friend. 🙂

This incident may sound very small but it made a huge impression on me and my personality. At that age, we only vomit honesty in moral science exams but my friend taught me with the real example. And after so many years, she taught me one more lesson about life which I wish to share with everyone.

vanshaja - cancer survivor
Flyrobe covered Vanshaja’s story on Woman’s Day

I saw a video on Facebook that Vanshaja shared on her timeline. It stated Flyrobe celebrates Vanshaja. I knew Flyrobe is an online fashion store but it was Vanshaja’s name that grabbed my attention. But I never imagined seeing Vanshaja as a Cancer Survivor.

How can this happen to someone I played with? She is of my age. We are in the early 30s so how can Cancer hit someone who is so young? Like any other person, I was in a stage of denial. And then I saw her video where she told that why we should not deny and accept the reality.

My brave friend, Vanshaja is a Cancer Survivor and her story was covered by Flyrobe. Usually, while watching such videos, I get emotional and shed tons of tears. But for the first time, while watching a story of a Cancer Survivor, I was smiling. And do you know why? Because I always knew that only Vanshaja could face Cancer with a smile. 🙂

I am sharing the video with all of you. Please watch it and share as much as you can. It will inspire many and is created to spread Cancer awareness. If you don’t want to share my blog, it is absolutely fine. But do share the below video everywhere.

Let’s initiate a hashtag. I will share this blog on social media with the hashtag, #MorePowerToCancerSurvivors. I request you to share either the blog or video with the same hashtag. By doing so, Vanshaja and I will be able to see your messages.

And before I conclude this blog, I want to confess something. Vanshaja! I am not proud of you because you survived Cancer. I am proud of you because I know that you were always brave. You inspired me then, you inspire me now. You are blessed in the most special manner. 🙂

I love you girl! I really do. 🙂

This story of my friend, practicing lawyer before the Suprme Court of India, and now a Cancer Survivor is worth sharing with the buddies of The Daily Post as today’s prompt word is Champion. 🙂

Image & Video Credit: Flyrobe | Disclaimer

5 responses to “Story Of A Friend And A Cancer Survivor!”

  1. Moumita De Sarkar Avatar
    Moumita De Sarkar

    Inspiring story. Have shared the video in Facebook.

    1. Thank you so much. Request you to please share it with the hashtag (#MorePowerToCancerSurvivors) on Facebook or any other social media channel. By doing so, Vanshaja and I will be able to see your message. 🙂

  2. You are a lucky girl. My best friend even had cancer. But she was so strong that she kept it to herself. I feel helpless when i think about it. But i am happy for u that ur friend is with u.

    1. Facing Cancer needs a lot of courage. Each Cancer patient has it. Even Vanshaja didn’t share it immediately. Above all, more than sharing the own story of pain and grief, it is important to accept that it has happened. And Vanshaja made me realize once again that acceptance is the only way to deal with problems. I just couldn’t stop myself by penning down my emotions. May everyone like Vanshaja and your friend gets the strength to accept the pain with a smile. Such brave people are inspiration to many. 🙂

      1. Yes they truely are

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