Personal Experiences And Feelings

Using public transport and getting over charged for the use is a common practice in India. This log will show you that how auto walas over-charge in Delhi. It is again a personal experience. I recorded a video, embedded here in this blog where you will see how they over charge using their own meters.


What would you do when your calls and internet on phone get over charged by the company and if they don’t even allow you to switch into prepaid from postpaid because they are getting more money from you? Confused? Well, this is what Airtel India is doing. I am using Airtel’s postpaid number since 2010…

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There was man walking on road with a stick in his hand. He was in his 60’s but was still fit n smart enough to carry his family well and steadily. Never ending smile on the face was one of the most attracting features of this man. He was tall, half bald, fit and most…

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