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I’m Aware Of Everything That Belongs To Me!


As a regular blogger, I too have a list of favorite blogs and I keep peeping in them. Currently, my favorite is The Daily Post… after all, it is not a single blog but a bundle of many. Today’s daily prompt word is ‘Aware’ so I will simply list 3 major things that I am aware of. But before I proceed, a small note for the readers:

This blog is personal and you are open to getting judgmental. My response to your judgmental views will always be the same… this -> 🙂

So, here I go!

I am Aware That I am


Sometimes I find it to be a weakness but then there are a few moments when I strongly feel that this is my biggest strength. I am not as practical as I look. I am emotional for my besties, family, relatives, cousins, and everyone I get close to. My relationships (be it any) are the commitments that I choose to make. And once they are made, they will exist till I die (at least from my side).

Lose temper in a special way

People who are close to me know that I am a lose temper woman. I am one of those who is always criticized and accused with the idioms like ‘foot in the mouth’. I guess the reason behind is I shout really hard on stereotypes.

  • What if I am a woman and against of feminazis? I am not against of feminism!
  • What’s wrong if I take a stand for all kinds of people irrespective of their caste, religion, or even skin type?
  • Why is it a big issue if I take a stand for people suffering from depression? Isn’t it good to aware people about it?
  • What’s wrong if I speak against child sexual abuse? And why shouldn’t I speak about the same in the context to the male child?
  • Why I or any other woman is supposed to be only a ‘Bahu’ and not a professional along with being a wife? Why is it wrong if I shout loud against such hypocrites? I am not saying everyone is the same. Am I?

If all the things that I mentioned above are wrong then I am extremely sorry to say this… but I have every single right to get angry on such stupid things. If this makes me a lose tempered person then yes, I am.

An Indian blogger who is always accused!

You all know I also write Hindi poetry and my audience comprises of a few people who thinks that if I am publishing a romantic Hindi poem then I am going around with someone. Or if I am publishing a sad love poetry that means I broke up with my boyfriend.

Well! I can say all this because after publishing such poems, I really took such questions and calls asking if I am fine. I agree that sometimes your personal emotions get involved in your writing and get reflected too. But that doesn’t mean that each blog is reflecting my life. I am not stupid to put my personal life publicly for gossip mongers. Bloggers too have a private life but I know I have to keep facing these accusations. After all, I am an ‘Indian Blogger’… Oppss… let me correct… ‘Indian Woman Blogger who is single’! 😀

I am aware of all these things and I am cool to take all the accusations, judgments, and emotions. Keep throwing them on me. I’ll keep responding with a smile… until you speak any shit below the line. You know what I mean. 😉

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