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An Educated Government Professional Who Hated My Blog!

An Educated Government Professional Who Hated My Blog!

I recently published an open letter on Vaidus World. It was for all those Indians who live abroad. This is not a sequel of the letter but my experience with its reader. 🙂

A few days ago, I got connected with one of the readers of Vaidus World. His online profile says that he is working at a very reputed position in the Central government. I do not wish to reveal his identity as it is against online ethics, however, I wish to share the ‘silent friction’ that we shared during the conversation.

Opinion Of A Government Professional

He was clearly offended by my blog and I understand it. I have no objection in facing the criticism. Everyone has an opinion and he has all the rights to express what he feels. But it was a bit ironic to hear his views (quoted below) as he is serving the Central government.

I don’t believe in mindless patriotism.

The best thing one can do about India is… abandon India… go settle in some other country and send dollars to India.

F***… acknowledge that we do not know how to live…

Yes! All the above statements were coming from someone who is serving the country and proved his abilities through the toughest entrances. At least, this is what his online presence shows. I don’t know if he is really serving the Central government. After all, people can mislead their identity on online platforms so easily. But his job or position is not my concern at all. If he would have been in some other profession… in that case also, I would have felt similarly ‘sick’. However, I kept my calm.

And trust me! I didn’t change or modify his words. I can’t share the screenshots because I don’t find it cool to reveal someone’s identity without asking for prior permissions (though, I have them with me).

The conversation didn’t end here. You all know me. I am always open to criticism and debates… no matter what the other person feels about me. After all, there are always two people in the debate. And if you are debating with me and on my blogs, you must be ready with good enough evidence and examples to prove your opinion which, he clearly wasn’t having. 🙂

So, I calmly listened to all his opinions and then responded this.

With a lose temper, do you prove yourself to be a smart person who knows everything? How do you even manage to survive in this country then? I will never acknowledge that we don’t know how to live. I know we are not perfect but perfection doesn’t exist. And I take the pride in staying and living in this country. You can have your opinion but I have mine. Anyways, I think my blog annoyed you. I am sorry but I had no intentions to do so. I just wanted open minded readers or if not then someone who can at least understand the meaning behind the blog.

After this, all I received was a sorry for losing his cool. 🙂

But you know what? I really don’t need any apology. As I said earlier, it was his opinion and I really don’t care if someone wants to live a life full of pessimism. I am no one to change the perception of billions of people living in this world. I use Vaidus World as a platform to share what I feel.

After this experience, I understood one thing very clearly… that not only the Indians living abroad look down at India but also the ones who live here. I am sorry for missing these Indians in my open letter. I request all those who lie in this category to accept my letter. You can find it here. 🙂

Well! To conclude, I would only say that I received so much love for that open letter and I just wish to embrace that love. Negativity and pessimists don’t exist for me. I have outstanding skills to ignore them. 😉

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4 responses to “An Educated Government Professional Who Hated My Blog!”

  1. I am sure the great man, does nothing for the country. not even his two bits by simple initiatives like: not littering around or spitting in open…U get to make out from a person’s mentality

    1. Absolutely! He was just too proud to get through the toughest entrance of the country. But when I asked him that why are you living/working here, he ignored that question as if I never asked. Such people are just full of ignorance. They join such positions to flaunt and not to work.

  2. Hi,

    I came across your blog through wordpress. Liked you thoughts in the blogs and specifically I liked the reply you gave this guy. Just crisp!! You echoed my thoughts – Perfection is a myth. N what I like is at least we are trying. Also imperfection is beautiful too (upto a level).

    I am a mindless patriot. I am an Indian staying outside India. But unlike some of ur xp in your open letter. I even further fell in love with India after I stepped out. When you compare you get to understand the beauty India has. Yes there are some issues but its okay, we are working on them.

    And yes it angers me when I see here fellow Indians looking down upon India. I always end up having heated debates with them (but all based on facts). Let me know if you need a co-advocate in future 😛


    1. Hi Divya,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      I understand that all fingers are not same and my open letter is not for the exceptions like you. In fact, I shared this experience because I realized it after having the interaction with this so called ‘Government Employee’ living and working in India.

      I feel blessed when I get comments like yours. It keeps me positive towards the imperfections I carry. And, yes! I will surely contact you if I need an advocate in future. 😀

      Thank you so much once again. 🙂

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