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Relationships! Are You Complex?


Relationships… The most important word! Now the question is,

Why is it important?

Compatibility, love, respect, care… I am sure these must be the first few words that you must be thinking to answer. And you know what? We think similarly! But more importantly, I was thinking about the complexities prevailing in relationships.

Is it possible to give equal importance and have love in all the relationships that we have? How can the love of my mother be compared with the love of my partner? How can we define our love for the kids? Do we give less love to one child in comparison to the other? Can my kids or partner dominate me and ask not stay in touch with my parents? And above all… just because I love them, should I follow all their instructions? Are they really ruling my life?

We want love so we look for it in relationships. With our birth, we get blessed with a few biological relations while there are some relations that we create. I have seen many people saying that friendship is the most beautiful relationship because we chose our friends. But does that mean, my friends, love me more than my parents?

My parents gave me birth… understood what I said even when I couldn’t speak… stood by me when I was confused to choose the right career… tolerated my misbehavior… attended my calls when my friends were busy in their offices, irrespective of how busy they were… never slept without feeding me… and behaved like my only private bank who was ready to fund me 24*7.

I am not here to speak, only on parental love rather I will share my thoughts about ‘LOVE’.


Love has no boundaries. It exists in different forms and in different relationships as per its own convenience. In fact, I believe that only love can solve the complexities of the relationships. I know it is not easy to give equal care, love, respect etc. to all our loved once. In fact, this can lead to fights sometimes. 🙂

But one can at least try to heal an aching and/or a lonely heart, right? After all, it just needs the initiative to keep the egos aside and fill the box having the heart with love.

So while concluding, I will only say and wish to believe that relationships are not complex… it is our own disability of not being able to give enough love which makes it complex.

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  1. Naveen Gamini Avatar
    Naveen Gamini

    Another awesome blog.. I also thought on similar lines.. Having that genuine and unconditional love can fix all complex issues.. I think both love and intellect are key for spreading goodness around the community.. Very nice blog with great insights !!!!

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