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As I am a writer, I love sharing my creative instincts with the world through this blog. I will not deny the fact that this blog connects me with the audience who not only loves my work but hates it too, many a time. And I love every single bit of it. But I also…

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school memories
Decoration outside principal’s home.
school church
A glimpse of school church.
school church
School Church
school church
I learnt chanting carols here. 🙂
school church
School church! 🙂
christmas tree
Christmas tree at school church.
school church
Another amazing corner of school church.
Shhhh… 😀
Junior section. Miss those color games… ‘What color you want?’ 😀
Our creative instincts was always hungry for this corner. 😀
Some intellects. 🙂
Roll of Honour. 🙂
Outside Principal’s residence
school memories
Ufff… these school memories. 🙂
Alma Mater! 🙂
creative corner
Another creative corner
school memories
This was suppose to be my 12th class. 🙂
A creative board in senior section.
school memories
We never shouted outside this room. We preferred to keep it within the class. 😛
We all wrote our wishes here with candles. 🙂
school memories
Dear school, I miss every bit you. 🙂

*P.S. In response to the daily prompt word, festive

Pictures for this Week’s Photo Challenge, ‘Relax’ 🙂 All the pictures are clicked from my phone camera. So, the credits should be given either to me or my phone. 😛 😀