school memories
Decoration outside principal’s home.
school church
A glimpse of school church.
school church
School Church
school church
I learnt chanting carols here. 🙂
school church
School church! 🙂
christmas tree
Christmas tree at school church.
school church
Another amazing corner of school church.
Shhhh… 😀
Junior section. Miss those color games… ‘What color you want?’ 😀
Our creative instincts was always hungry for this corner. 😀
Some intellects. 🙂
Roll of Honour. 🙂
Outside Principal’s residence
school memories
Ufff… these school memories. 🙂
Alma Mater! 🙂
creative corner
Another creative corner
school memories
This was suppose to be my 12th class. 🙂
A creative board in senior section.
school memories
We never shouted outside this room. We preferred to keep it within the class. 😛
We all wrote our wishes here with candles. 🙂
school memories
Dear school, I miss every bit you. 🙂

*P.S. In response to the daily prompt word, festive

लव्ज़ों में बयाँ हो जाता तो क्या बात थी,
दर्द सीने में उतर गया था, वो भी एक रात थी|
बिस्तर का एक कोना तब भी भीगा था,
आँचल ने गम अपने बाहों में भरा था,
ओझल तेरा चेहरा दुनिया से हुआ था,
मेरी यादों में घर तेरा फिर से बना था|

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