I am pleased to see you,
Oh, I am glad to meet you.
The mock covers the wind,
But the fake smiles never end.


You can not see me, I may not find you, You are searching for me and I’m within you, Let’s go on a date today, let’s take a flight, We […]

जवाब ... तेरे सवालों का!

कुछ वक़्त पहले मैंने एक कविता लिखी थी, ‘आगमन… कुछ सवालों का!’, जिसमें कुछ सवाल उठे थे| यह कविता उन्हीं सवालों का जवाब है| उम्मीद करती हूँ कि आपको यह […]

renewing life

It’s high time to break tough rules, Allow the breeze to enter my room, New year is waiting on my doorsteps, Welcoming me to accept new dares, Challenging the world […]